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20 DIY Baby Products You Can Make at Home

January 29, 2020 Leave a Comment Skip the toxic chemical-laden baby products try out these DIY Baby Products that you can make with natural ingredients! Includes bonus DIYs for... Read more


  • Happy 8th Blogoversary

    Happy Blogoversary

    Photo by postbear. Today marks 8 years since I launched this blog, The Generation Above Me. Happy Blogoversary to TGAM! Origins I started this blog as a way to... Read more

    The 01 January 2020 by   Thegenaboveme
  • The Towel Shop – Towelling Dressing Gown

    Towel Shop Towelling Dressing Gown

    Right before Christmas I received a lovely gift of a dressing gown. This came from The towel shop. These dressing gowns are made from the same material as... Read more

    The 01 January 2020 by   Evette Garside
  • Choose Your Own Free Books - 1,900 Free Books

    Choose Your Free Books 1,900

    I have been posting on our Facebook fan page, offering to find free books in their favorite category. I thought I would share today's results with you!Is your... Read more

    The 02 January 2020 by   Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt
  • Ready for Easier Parenting in 2020?

    Parenting can be a pleasure or a pain.  If one of your goals in 2020 is making parenting less stressful and more fun, I hope you’ll join one of Priceless... Read more

    The 03 January 2020 by   Slattenk
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Stock Investments

    Beginner’s Guide Stock Investments

    If you’re thinking of getting into the stock market for the first time, there’s a lot you need to learn. To begin with, the stock market is not for the faint... Read more

    The 03 January 2020 by   Peppertan
  • New Life, New Decade

    Life, Decade

    Happy New Year!!! I’m quite excited about 2020…I feel as though there are some great things in store for the coming year. I had all these plans to write more... Read more

    The 04 January 2020 by   Mischieviousmum
  • Little Women (2019)

    Little Women (2019)

    One of my favourite things about having children who have jobs is that every so often they want to take me out for a treat. Yesterday, Beps decided to treat me... Read more

    The 05 January 2020 by   Mischieviousmum
  • Buying Or Replacing A Family Car: Here Are Important Features To Consider

    Buying Replacing Family Car: Here Important Features Consider

    It is estimated that over 93% of US households have access to at least one vehicle, a trend that has been rising in the past decade. America has a high car... Read more

    The 05 January 2020 by   Evette Garside
  • The Measure of a Year: 2019 Reflections

    Measure Year: 2019 Reflections

    Totem rocks at anchor in the gentle swell off La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico. We approached the end of the year on a mellow passage down the Sea of Cortez,... Read more

    The 06 January 2020 by   Behan Gifford
  • History Lesson – What Happened the 2nd Week of January?

    History Lesson What Happened Week January?

    As we begin the 2nd week of the new year and the new decade, it's always interesting (I think) to look back in history and see what was happening x amount of... Read more

    The 06 January 2020 by   Evette Garside