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How to Draw a Peacock

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
How to Draw a PeacockLearning to draw radial symmetry is a CA Visual Arts standard, and is precisely what is called for in drawing this colorful peacock. I’m in love with this kinder’s drawing, in which she chose to use flowers to cap the feathers, instead of ovals.1. Starting with a horizontal watercolor paper, students draw half a circle at the bottom.2. A head with neck is added, and a beak and eye.3. Oval feathers with lines are drawn at 9, 12, and 3 o’clock.4. More feathers are added at 10, 11, 1 and 2 o’clock.5. One more feather is added between each already drawn. A black permanent marker is used to trace all the pencil lines.6. Crayon lines are added to the feathers. When complete, watercolor paint is used to color the peacock body and the background.Thanks to Katharine, a kinder, who made this amazing peacock. I can’t get over her flower-topped feathers... nothing short of brilliant if you ask me.

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