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Family Fun & Games For Christmas

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

So Christmas is just around the corner, and you are hosting the main event or at least one of the main events. There is so much to do and so little time. Not only do you have to think about food for everyone, and drinks, seating, etc. You also need to think up some ideas to fill that Christmas lull after the big Christmas dinner and your evening guests arriving. It has to be something for all the family, for all age ranges. This can add pressure to an already pressurized situation. So, to help you out, we have come up with a few fun ideas that can easily be incorporated into your family event. These games will help keep the conversation flowing, the party going, and will be sure you include people of all ages.  

Family Fun & Games For Christmas

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This is an oldie but a goodie. Everyone can have a go at Charades. If you are one of the few people out there, who have never played and don’t know what it is, you are missing out. It is simple. A selected person has to choose a film or a song or some other kind of trivia, up to you to decide, and act it out. As the host, you could create a Christmas only theme, or if you wanted to, you could fill a hat with ideas to make it more or less difficult for the actors, up to you.
Alternatively, you could leave it open for the selected person to decide what they are going to do. It always gets people laughing, and no one feels left out. This is a great Christmas party game.

Two Truths and a Lie

You can create a Christmas theme for this well-known game. Perhaps you could get family members to divulge two Christmas truths and one lie, and the rest have to guess the lie. You could make it about gifts that they have received, or just some memorable event that has happened this Christmas, or on previous Christmases. This really gets people thinking and can fill that time while you are preparing the evening festivities.

Christmas Anagrams 

Another game you could play is getting everyone to write the name of a Christmas Carol or Christman item in the form of an anagram. Make everyone put their offering into a hat along with the name of the person who wrote it. You can pull the clue and write it on a board, or some paper so that everyone can see, and everyone, apart from the person who wrote it, can try and guess the anagram. If you have a few tough ones, though, you could use the unscramble words site for guidance.

Match a Christmas Pair

You could get a pile of unused Christmas cards and get everyone to draw a Christmas item on the inside. Ensure you hand out enough cards for everyone to draw the same image twice. Once everyone has drawn their pictures, mix all the cards together then place them face down on the floor. Then everyone can have a go at trying to match a pair. This could work best if you have the same Christman card repeated over and over, rather than lots of different images, as this makes it more difficult.  

What games do you and your family play over the holidays?

This post was a collaboration.

Thank you for reading & Happy Holidays!

Family Fun & Games For Christmas

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