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Errand Hikes Return!

By Hikingwithheather @HikingHeather
Errand Hikes Return!
Now that cooler weather has returned, I can start bringing Charlie along when I run errands since she won't get overheated in the car. I leave all four windows down halfway and the sunroof open so she gets plenty of fresh air and keep her water bowl filled in the backseat. I love seeing her silly butt in the driver's seat every time I return to the car!
Today we had three quick stops to make, pick up some dinner at Rocky Rococo Pizzeria and head over to Bluegill Bay Park for a picnic dinner, a hike around the bay and some fetch. Charlie was overjoyed as we approached the park ~ she could smell the water. Unfortunately, I had just applied her monthly tick medicine this morning (which is highly toxic to fish - hence the instructions to keep dogs out of water for 48 hours) so I was going to have to keep a close eye on her near the water's edge.
Luckily, 6-year-old Caleb and his parents were playing nearby and I chatted them up to see if Caleb would be interested in playing a round of Pine-Cone-Fetch with Charlie. Before I could even finish asking permission, Charlie and Caleb were off and playing! Charlie loves kids and we were all laughing while watching them romp through leaves, playing with pine cones and sticks like only little boys and playful dogs can do. So sweet.
Back in March, when I blogged about this park HERE, I mentioned that it was a great place for bird-watching and also listed on the Great Wisconsin Birding & Nature Trail website - NOW is the time to visit this park if you're into birds! The marshlands along the bay are alive with sounds of migrating birds.
Get out and get active with your dog!

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