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Effective Diet Plan for Weight Loss - It is Also Not Necessary That a Weight Loss Diet Plan Which is Right for Someone Should Also Give You the Same Results.

By Rojer @healthxwellness
Effective Diet Plan for Weight Loss

There are wide varieties of weight loss diet plans all promising to keep you fit and get you that desired weight loss which you crave for. But not all of them are as effective as they claim to be. Especially People to be aware of the weight loss diet plans that seem too good to be true as they can pose serious health and safety problems to the human body and hence are kept under the dangerous category.

It is also not necessary that a weight loss diet plan which is right for someone should also give you the same results. You have to take into consideration your body type, convenience, temperament and the environment in which you are living for getting the right weight loss diet plan mix.

We have assembled various diet plans for your convenience that can promise you an effective and safe weight loss. Let’s look at them one by one.

Low Fat

Low-fat diets consist of counting and limiting your fat intake. Since this is a popular weight-loss approach, many brands offer low-fat and fat-free versions of their products. One thing to consider is that all types of fat are not necessarily bad, such as unsaturated fats.

Low Carb

Carbohydrates increase the insulin production in the body as a temporary energy source. Therefore the best way is to replace them with proteins which are a long lasting energy source. Low carbohydrate diet monitors and restricts your carbohydrate intake inside the body.

Low Calorie

Low calorie diet will help you keep a check on the number of calorie which you actually consume daily thus helping you to lose weight. One can also choose low fat diet to keep the calorie intake as low.

Glycemic Index

The glycemic index measure the effect of carbohydrates according to their effect on the body sugar levels. Their objective is to remove or reduce such high G.I diets from your foods

Meal Replacements

Meal replacement diet plan for the weight loss use liquid meals for the breakfast and lunch while the dinners are the healthy balanced meal. These diet plans have the calories, vitamins and minerals to help you keep your body nourished.

High Fiber

High fiber diets help people lose by making them feel full for longer periods of time. High fiber foods require chewing them more hence the person end up eating them slower than usual.High-fiber foods include fruits, vegetables, wheat and beans.

Weight Watchers Diet

Weight watchers diet plan keeps a watch on the total number of calories that an individual consume during the day based on his/her age, height, gender and weight. There is no restriction on what is consumed, but there is a restriction on the calories consumed.

Mediterranean Diet

This effective diet plan focuses on cutting down on red meat, saturated fats and sugar. It promotes the consumption of healthy foods such as nuts, vegetables and fruits. This diet plan I considered to be safest among all others and prevent from various critical diseases and illness of body.

Jenny Craig Diet

Diet consultant Jenny Craig introduced this diet plan which consists of the personalized exercise and meal plan. Pre-packaged meals are available in this diet plan such that nutritional intake can be effectively monitored. This diet plan seems to be little high in the price.

Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian diet is the meat free diet plan to help you in weight loss and diabetes and heart ailments in check. Dairy products like eggs or the animal based products are altogether avoided in some instances. One should check the nutritional requirements of the body are fulfilled as these diet plans combined with limited dietary choices are unable to   meet the nutritional needs fully.

Dash Diet

The DASH diet focuses on promoting the intake of essential nutrients such as protein, fiber, calcium and potassium and requires DASH diet followers to avoid fat-infused, calorie rich foods. Whole grains, lean protein vegetables, fruits and low fat dairy products are main constituents of this diet plan. Red meat, salt intake and calorie filled food are the strict no no. This is heart healthy diet and promotes the HDL and reduces the LDL cholesterols.

1000 calorie diet plan

Diet Plan for Weight Loss Effective Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Morning meal:

This diet supports the increasing metabolic rate of your body in the morning time to reduce the loss of fat to fuel your body. A bowl of cereal or oat meal along with some lemon juice and a fresh fruit of your choice is the ideal morning meal. The overall calorie intake should be around 300 calories.

Afternoon Meal:

A fine medium sized sandwich can support your body with around 600 calories.

Evening meal:

The metabolism rate of the body slows down in the evening hence one need to go in for a diet in the range of 200-300 calories like a frozen diet dinner. One can also consume pasta for an additional recipe.

Even you slip upward and consume a dessert in between these meals thus giving you a slightly upwards total at 1100 calories, you need not worry much.

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