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Easy Ecological Tips: Laugh and Play

By Rachel
Easy Ecological Tips: laugh and playWe are gradually merging with a waste elimination mentality. As we gain momentum, our conscious efforts to eliminate waste can be natural and effortless. To sustain the interim, we must LAUGH OUT LOUD at cluster-frustrations and left-overs of "convenient living."
Laughter is healing, so let go of stress from going green. Ecological triumphs are waiting to happen. Sustain your day with acceptance of yourself, as you are.
Living with an ecological mind creates a desire for true progress. Waste elimination is an ongoing effort to reduce and re-use all waste. This topic includes cleaning and organizing.
SAFETY FIRST is the key to having the most fun, and key to letting your waste-eliminating mind prosper with ideas! For example, some plastics may be re-used, though the # of times you re-use a "safe" plastic for drinkable liquids should be few. It is worth the effort to be conscious of the repetitions. Recycle the cups from resteraunts, instead of re-using them, endlessly. You can get a few extra miles out of large plastic containers used to hold snacks (such as a large container of pretzels from a super-store.)
When you have extra stuff that needs to leave your home, take your clean and cool odds and ends to the CREATE STUDIO.
ECO TODAY - Easy Living Tip
PLAY/CREATE and re-use goods in an artistic way!
I recently unloaded/uploaded a couple of bags (odds and ends) to the Create Studio of Westlake Village. It is a great place to let your patience extend. My patience is like a toffee pull, and I am rejuvenated in this art extravaganza! It is an informal art studio, where kids and parents can create... The owner re-vamps donated pieces to allow artists to utilize recycled materials: boxes, fabric, buttons, thread spools, plastic thingies, etc.
Check it out - A Creative Space!
Bonus Eco Tip: Cleaning with Vinegar is Fabulous!
Into an empty spray bottle, you can pour 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water. This vinegar water solution is great for a variety of cleaning and sanitizing tasks: glass surfaces, loosening food from dishes, etc.
This sprayed solution is quick drying, so use a rag to move across glass and stainless steel quickly. If you see spots or streaks, then wipe as you spray and follow up with a dry rag immediately. Some surfaces have a chemical build-up from commercial glass cleaners.
Keeping the spray bottle below your sink can get you into a habit of leaving the water off as you prepare dishes for the dishwasher. If you spray a dish with food particles, then rub with your hands/sponge/rag, you will rinse with much less water usage.
Christy Camp

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