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Earn Your Turkey Virtual Race Recap

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus

Challenge yourself this holiday season with a virtual race! Learn more about them in this Earn Your Turkey Virtual Race Recap!

Earn Your Turkey Virtual Race Recap | Running | Race Swag

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I’ve seen a lot of people joining running streaks and other fitness challenges to stay motivated during the holidays, and I think it’s so great! The Dopey Challenge is only a few short weeks away and the thought of running four races in four days is all the motivation I need to keep my act together throughout all the festivities. BUT if you’re still looking for that perfect thing to keep you motivated, why not sign up for a virtual race?

I’ve been doing Running on the Wall virtual races for the past few months now, and I love them. They have a variety of distances, so you can sign up, train for it on your own time and run it on your own time. It’s the perfect goal to work toward to stay fit, healthy, holly and jolly! Plus, you get some awesome swag!

What kind of swag? Every Running on the Wall race comes with different goodies, but the last one I ran, the Earn Your Turkey 5 miler, came with all this:

Earn Your Turkey Virtual Race Recap | Running | Race Swag

T-shirt, medal holder, necklace, chocolate bar, medal and a bib. Pretty sweet to get all this stuff for less that $35, huh? So mad I just bought a medal holder! But, now I have a great little extra gift to give a running friend!

I also love the message on the shirt and the medal. Nothing worth having in life comes easy. You have to work for it. I think that is what makes running so special. It creates such a sense of accomplishment. Oh, Running on the Wall, you have such great little motivational lines.

Anywho… I was planning on running this race on Thanksgiving at my parents’ place, but I forgot to pack all my virtual race day gear (whoops!). Instead, I ran it the Sunday after Thanksgiving and even tacked on an extra mile.

Earn Your Turkey Virtual Race Recap | Running | Race Swag | Runfie

For my first “long run” post marathon, I was feeling pretty darn good. I took it easy and kept my pace between 9:40 and 10:00. I can’t go into full recovery mode with Dopey coming up, but there’s no need to push my speed and risk injury at this point. I’m not trying to PR at Dopey, after all.

I felt a good 6-miler after 26.2 the week before deserved another medal right? Right!

Earn Your Turkey Virtual Race Recap | Running | Race Swag | Runfie

Stay motivated this holiday season by signing up for a #virtualrace! Learn more!
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Now I’m going to start doing more back-to-back running days with increased mileage to prep my legs for all the Dopeyness. Wish me luck!

And if you wish me luck, I’ll wish you luck on this awesome UnderArmour Giveaway (have you seen it yet? go enter!) and let you link up with Wild Workout Wednesday! Ok, you can link up even if you don’t wish me luck, but that’s just rude! Just kidding (kind of). I digress… full link up rules here!

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