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Drama: How I Understand Drama!

By Sobrfit3
Written By:  Cathy Shuba
"Happy Saturday!"
Drama! many of us are drawn to drama.  So many of us say we are not, yet when something is said or done we are all ears or sometimes all mouth.  But why?  For me when I was drinking "Drama" was exciting!  When I was drinking "Drama" was attention seeking!  When I was drinking "Drama" was motivational!  When I was drinking "Drama" had an affect on me which in return would always turn out negative.  When I was drinking "Drama" caused me to focus on others when I should have been focusing on myself.  When I was drinking "Drama" became my business regardless if I knew the person, situation or issue.  When I was drinking I had "Drama!"
When I chose to become sober I still had drama but did not realize it.  This type of drama was not as obvious or threatening.  This drama happened in meetings, discussions and one on one conversations.  This drama caused me the same excitement, motivation and attention seeking behaviors.  I still did not realize this was drama.  For instance, when ever there was a discussion in a meeting and one would disagree the meeting became drama.  When drama was present so was I.  Later in my recovery I learned about drama.  I learned that drama is self seeking, self indulgent and self will run riot.  I learned that drama could make or break a conversation or even a meeting.  I learned that drama can affect a new comer without them even realizing it.  I learned that drama can cause chaos, argument and down right give the wrong impression on a person, place or situation.  I learned that causing drama is not my business nor is it my business to engage in it.  I learned in order to diffuse drama one must not engage in it.  Most recently, I learned that if I write about something in my blog that does not revolve around "Drama" my blog is not visited as much.  In fact, it seems as though it is ignored.  I recently learned or realized that Facebook is a huge "Drama" platform which allows me to decide or choose what to comment on and what not too.  I will not comment on drama!  I learned about drama!
Today, drama is still all around me.  Drama can be created in any situation,conversation or comment left on a topic...for instance, on my blog or Facebook groups.  What I learned about drama is that it can be good when a celebration has arise.  It can be good when we are excited about our own accomplishments and well done achievements in life.  On the other hand, most drama in life is motivated by negative, attention seeking and wrong motives in order to build our egos.  I must ask myself before engaging in a conversation or discussion..."What is my motive when engaging in this?"  If my motive is pure and honest without drama I will then engage.  However, if my motive is up on you or show this person who is better, smarter or more important, than my motive is self seeking and dishonest.  I then know this is my ego and I must not engage in the discussion.  Today, I do know the difference in positive and negative drama.  Today, I know when to engage in discussion and when not too.  Today, I choose to stay out of the drama because it only brings me back to the old me.  Today, I like the new me therefore, I stay out of the drama!  Are you still attracted to drama?  If so, try figuring out your motives before engaging in may find your life to become more serene.  Today, I will run with no negative drama in my life and if I should see drama arise today I will know whether to engage in it or not by checking my motives.
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