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Don’t Let These Common Issues Derail Your Self-Confidence

By Lyndsay @lyndsinreallife
Don’t Let These Common Issues Derail Your Self-Confidence

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So, how are you feeling today?

If you’re feeling on top of the world, with oodles of self-confidence, and a raring to go attitude, then congrats, long may it continue!

However, many of us struggle with feelings of low self-esteem, and our confidence levels drop in tandem. Consequently, we are less likely to engage in social situations. We take fewer risks because we don’t want to do something that could result in failure. And we hold ourselves back from achieving our dreams, perhaps because we don’t feel capable. 

It is important to deal with the issues that derail our self-confidence. We will then break free of those things that bind us, and move forward with renewed positivity and a can-do attitude that will get us to where we want to be in life.

These are just a few of the common issues that can negatively affect our confidence levels:

Issues That Affect Us Socially

From genuine psychological issues, such as social anxiety, to debilitating conditions, such as issues with hearing and speech, many of us struggle with confidence as a result. We then limit ourselves in social situations and lack the courage to take on simple tasks, such as using the telephone. Thankfully, these can be overcome. Anxiety can be overcome through counseling therapies, speech therapy is available to those who need it, and hearing can be improved through a range of hearing aids, including cochlear implants. Should you be suffering from any issue that is affecting you on a social level, speak to the relevant professionals for the help that you need.

Issues Around Our Physical Appearance

None of us are perfect, but many of us suffer from low self-confidence because of the way we look. This is partly compounded by the images we see in the media, many of them falsely prescribing to the notion that to be beautiful, we have to be slim and have perfect skin. Now, you can take steps to improve your physical apperance when necessary. If you are struggling with weight issues, you can exercise more and eat a healthier diet. And for your skin, there is a range of creams and beauty treatments available. However, providing your health isn’t at risk, it is okay to be who you are! That’s all you should ever be: you. Work on your imperfections if you need to, but do other things to stop hating your body. Begin by offering gratitude for your best bits, and ignore the toxic messages that the media bombards you with.

Issues Around Social Media

Many of us compare ourselves unfavorably to the people on our friends’ lists. We envy the exciting lives that they seem to be leading, and wish that we had better things to post. We place value on the number of likes our posts get and start to feel down when nobody seems to notice what we write. These factors can negatively affect our confidence levels, so perhaps it’s time we unplug ourselves for a while. We might then start to become less reliant on Facebook, Twitter, etc. for our social needs, and finally start to enjoy life and regain confidence away from our screens. 

What impacts your self-confidence? How do you find confidence?

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Don’t Let These Common Issues Derail Your Self-Confidence

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