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Don’t Delay A Chance To Get Your Health On Track

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

There are certain things in life that we’re so lazy with. There’s cleaning the home, making some food for the next day, getting off the sofa to go up to bed, not washing our hair all week and using dry shampoo until the death. When you look at how lazy we can be as a human race, you’ll wonder how we get by from day to day. Because considering we’re so lazy, we’re also the busiest people on this planet. Compared to every other species that lives with us, we’re the busiest.

We have to go to work nearly every day, build finances to buy things, manage a home, plan a future. The list of things that we have to do could go on and on for the whole article. Nobody else has to go through this when living their life. Their main goal is to find food and find shelter. So there are things that we become lazy with in life, and one thing that we really shouldn’t be lazy with is our health.

Good health is always taken for granted. We’re often delaying chances to get our health on track for so many reasons, some of which we’re going to explore today. So, keep on reading, and finally make moves to get your health on track! 

Don’t Delay A Chance To Get Your Health On Track

Doctor Worries

This is probably one of the main reasons why people don’t go to the doctors, they’re worried about what’s going to happen. As a kid, going to the doctors is either something you’re going to have been really scared about, or you seriously didn’t mind as long as you got a sticker. But if you were a kid who had a big fear of the doctor, perhaps you had some traumatic experience that sent you into a terrified spiral of never going to the doctors, then that fear can extend into adult life. Some people don’t like going in case they get hit with a random blood test, or have to be referred to see a specialist that also might run some invasive tests.

We generally don’t trust doctors because they can do so much to us in terms of poking and prodding and sticking needles in. However, if you just communicate with them before you go in, nothing has to happen on that day without your consent. You can walk in and back out again having only had a conversation. So don’t put that initial conversation off just because you’re nervous, it gets the ball rolling, and everything else you can do in your own time once you’ve figured out what the plan is. 

Fear Of Getting Old

This is definitely a biggy when looking at why the don’t go to the doctors. There are certain health problems that are completely ignored until it’s too late, and they have got far worse because they have been left so long.

Common issues surrounding the ears as adults get older, are ignored. Things like pain and infection, people usually head to the doctors for. But when it comes to losing hearing and things like tinnitus, adults don’t like to go because they know that the likely solution is a hearing aid, which is a symbol of old age. But it really shouldn’t be. Hearing aids are now so much more advanced than they have ever been, meaning they’re smaller and more effective, so nobody has to know! We shouldn’t be hiding our health problems in fear of looking old! 

Common Problems Everyone Ignores

There are some big problems that people tend to ignore because they’re either worried as to what the problem might be, or embarrassed and don’t want doctors looking at it. The first is issues surrounding the private area. It’s just not nice to have to expose yourself to a doctor that you’ve only just met. Men in particular can leave issues relating to their genitalia for months and months. It’s sometimes the reason why cancer being found is delayed! Women are more open to dealing with body insecurities and just letting the doctor do their job.

Another common problem that gets ignored are common lumps and bumps that we instantly think are cancer. If ever you have a lump it’s always good to get it checked out. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, everyone deserves to know whether it’s something that has to go, or something that might stay for life. Never delay a chance to visit the doctor when you feel like your health is not right, no matter what the problem is. 

This post was a collaboration.

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