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Do You Need a Pre Workout Supplement For Exercise? 5 Truths…

By Nuwave

Here are 5 truths when regarding if you need a pre workout supplement for exercise. There are a lot of benefits involved when it comes to using a pre workout supplement. Here is my opinion on 5 truths I've learned while taking pre workouts. Both good and bad but it gives you some insight into if paying $30+ a month for an "energy" supplement is really worth it or not..

When it comes to price pre workouts tend to be some of the most expensive supplements in the industry simply because the body gets used to the ingredients quickly. The stimulants like caffeine and other b vitamins. Your body gets used to the caffeine very fast within 1 week of trying out a new pre workout ( at least for me). So what should be 1 scoop in a 30 serving container stretches out to 1.5 - 2 scoops after a few days/weeks. Then the price increases very quickly. You could be buying a one month 30 day "supply" but be finishing the container in 3 weeks or less sometimes. Price points for most pre workouts is around $30 per 30 servings so $1 per scoop. One of those moments where you can ask yourself is $30 a month worth it for an energy supplement? Still much cheaper than drinking monster energy drinks everyday and probably healthier as well..


This becomes tricky because lots of pre workouts are severely underdosed but still at a strong price point. There is countless information articles on the internet talking about different pre workouts. Which is better or worse. In simple terms you just want an open label where you can see exactly how much each ingredient has. The top 3 ingredients for me in a pre workout is 150-200mg caffeine/ 3.2g beta alanine/ 3g+ (closer to 6g) of citrulline malate. The rest of the ingredients like vitamin b12/b6 will be pushed out pretty fast and probably wont notice much of anything. The creatine found in many pre workouts you can buy cheap in bulk so not much to worry about there. Almost all stimulate pre workouts just have high amounts of caffeine that make you feel cracked out. The beta alanine does the tingling feeling. The citrulline malate gives you the pump along with niacin sometimes.

Long term

For me personally there is long term things to consider when getting into pre workouts. Your mind might become hooked to pre workouts where you need them in order to feel like you can workout or have a good session. I've had this happen personally. Years ago I was really into C4 extreme by cellucor and all sorts of pre workouts. I would take 1-2 scoops and need it like everyday. Even when I didn't workout. A lot of times I took 1 scoop, didn't feel much of anything, take another scoop then go workout. It gets pricey after a while as well.


Most ingredient profiles for pre workout supplements is underdosed. You'll have to really research to make sure you're actually getting a decent supplement. Otherwise you might just be buying expensive caffeine flavored water.


The benefits are strong and real when it comes to pre workouts. Most of it is in the mind though that just gets you hyped up, unable to sit still and kind of forces you to workout or do something by circumstances. You want to release all that new pent up energy you just drank from the pre workout. Often times you'll have amazing pumps and great veins popping out as well when on pre workouts. However after the workout or on rest days you won't notice much of anything. The whole reason of pre workouts is to push you to hit the gym harder than you would without the supplement. Especially on days when you are dragging and just want to skip the exercise as well.

In the end, I personally like pre workouts. I haven't been talking them lately but for the last several years I used to be trying all different types. I spent a lot of money and don't really have that much to show for all that investment but it did make me feel good and have great workouts often times. Now I'm more simple with just one 200mg caffeine pill that is about $7 for 100 servings. Which is much cheaper. Even so I've recently stopped taking caffeine supplements as well. Going on a sort of detox from caffeine just to give my body a good reset. It was hard in the first few days to workout without that boost. However once you can get into it then it will be fine. Now I just drink some Gatorade if I want to feel something tasty during my workout.

This was an opinion piece. Meaning my personal views on pre workouts and how I see them.

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Do You Need a Pre Workout Supplement For Exercise? 5 Truths…
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