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Dear Charlie... Happy Birthday!

By Hikingwithheather @HikingHeather

Dear Charlie... Happy Birthday!

Charlie at 4 months old

Today is your 3rd birthday! I can't believe you're three years old already... where has the time gone? I still remember the day I brought you home on January 18, 2011 and had no idea how much you were about to change my world. You were a blur of energy, bouncing from one room to another. Having never learned bite-inhibition, you nipped at my hands, feet and legs whenever you could. Watching you grow and tending to your needs helped me through my post-divorce depression and healed the pain of losing everything I had worked my whole life to build.
You changed me forever.
VIDEO: Charlie's 1st birthday ~ Swimming in Leaves
Without you, I would have never started the Kanine Kitchen Dog Treat Bakery. I learned how to bake healthy dog treats to cure your sick tummy and we found a dog food that didn't make you vomit. Although you were skinny and underfed when I adopted you, you quickly gained weight with the proper nutrition. Now, because of you, other dogs get to have delicious and nutritious treats from the bakery! You gave me the chance to start my own *small* business, gaining confidence in my abilities and widening my social circle. I learned how to introduce myself and my product to complete strangers, handing out free samples wherever I could and talking to people about why my treats could help their dogs. You're more than just the bakery mascot - this is your bakery.

Dear Charlie... Happy Birthday!

Charlie's 2nd birthday ~ hiking & playing with sticks

Because of your endless energy and enormous exercise demands, I was inspired to start this blog detailing our adventures. Without you I never would have explored new trails and experienced the extraordinary beauty that was literally in my backyard. I am thrilled that we've been to so many places! Packing up for a hike seems like a normal routine now, but you have no idea how lucky you are to have access to all these natural resources. I'm so grateful to be able to give you this special and beautiful life. You have given me so much, it is the least I can do in return.
Baby girl, you are my everything and I can't wait for all the adventures yet to come!
Happy Birthday Charlie!
Dear Charlie... Happy Birthday!

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