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Thought I'd share what my current supplement stack is looking like and some new things I bought as well. All of these I bought on amazon and there is no affiliate links just direct links to the site for you if you are interested as well. For a long time I used to be super hooked to all the big hype pre workout drinks ( C4 Extreme/ Mr. Hyde/ N0 Xtreme / you name it..). It was a fun time but those do get expensive after a while spending $30-40 a month just on a pre workout got a little wild. So for the last 2 years or so I've just been using caffeine tablets which are much cheaper and give similar effect but isn't as fun like sipping on pre workouts were.. Anyways.. here is my current supplement stack.

Protein - Ultimate Nutrition ISO Sensation 93 - Chocolate Fudge
Why? - The reason I'm using this specific protein is a few reasons. First is the price is great! Next is that it tastes really good and after my workout I take 2 scoops on lifting days (60g of protein!). On nonlifting days I take just one scoop. Third reason is on certain protein supplements I get heartburn and it really is uncomfortable. With this protein brand I haven't had heartburn as often. It still happens sometimes but way less than it used to.

Multivitamin - Amazon Brand Solimo Men Multivitamin
Why? - Lately my diet hasn't been perfect and I felt a little tired some days and I thought I might be deficit in micronutrients so I bought these cheap budget multivitamins that are similar to the centrum for men. Not always needed if you have a good diet and enough fruits/veggies but I felt I would try it again because I used to take expensive $20+ vitamins but felt no difference after stopping using them.

Vitamin D3 - Amazon Brand Solimo Vit D3
Why? - I read some articles that said the highest chance of actually being deficit in a vitamins is the vitamin d because most of us don't get enough direct sunlight everyday ( maybe 20mins+). So I take just one pill 2000 IU put I read you can take up to 4000 IU if needed. Optimal doses either way.

Caffeine Tablets - 200mg Bodylogix
Why? - Cheap energy source and pre-scored tablets. I take one 200mg along with my other vitamins above and sometimes crystal light fruit punch to give the illusion of taking a pre workout haha.

New Supplements:

Pre Workout - N0S Blast Pre Workout Blaster
Why? - I've been feeling kind of flat lately even though I have decent enough vascularity in my veins I want to get into a more pump focused pre workout with limited caffeine. This is a SUPER cheap budget brand from Body Fortress walmart brand basically. It was cheap and I'll see how it works out after 1 container. That means no more caffeine tablets since I'll be using this instead for 1 container.

Pump product - Glycergrow 2 Controlled Labs
Why? - Like above, feeling a bit flat and I did some reading this product is pretty good for having that all day pumped up feeling. Will most likely mix it with the pre workout and see how it works for one container. A bit expensive though but lasts for 2 months and might be able to get by with just a half scoop even.

That's all my pre workout stack right now and so far things have all been going good. I sleep pretty well at night and wake up feeling good with energy. Main thing is just trying to make sure I drink lots of water and get enough protein in each day. The protein supplement helps a lot with that as well.

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Current Supplement Stack
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