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By Hikingwithheather @HikingHeather
Today was such a different day in contrast to yesterday. Where yesterday was all about breezy blue skies, sunshine and light... today was calm, cool and damp with a landscape in shades of gray and brown.
Even though the weather was cloudy with off-and-on sprinkly rain, we made the best of it. Actually I kind of love hiking on days like this. Typically the trails are void of people so Charlie can wander off-leash and I can relax and enjoy the scenery instead of keeping an eye on where she's wandering.
Plus there's something very peaceful about sitting in the woods on a log and listening to the rain drops hitting the dry leaves and making little plinks in the water nearby.
Echoes of geese honking across the lake filled the woods and hollow thudding of woodpeckers hammering the dead wood all around us. Squirrels scurried in the leaves and took flight up tree trunks to tease Charlie below.
My pace was slow and deliberate today. Eyes on the sky and the birds soaring above the lake. One foot in front of the other interspersed with periods of sitting and enjoying the scenery while throwing Charlie's stick.
Even though Charlie rolled in poop and dead things today, her fur was infused with the scent of earthy woodsy leaves. I almost hated to give her a bath when we got home because I absolutely love that sweet smell of leaves!
Hope you all got outside this weekend no matter what the weather brought you. Fresh air is fresh air! Get outside and enjoy it.
VIDEO (birds soaring and geese honking with Charlie watching):
VIDEO (I love her happy tail!):

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