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Chase Infinite Inspirational Fitness Tanks + A Discount Code

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and came across an account that really stood out to me: Chase Infinite. Chase Infinite is a fitness apparel company that makes inspirational workout shirts for women and men. Women’s tops are tanks, and men’s tops are tee shirts. We all need a little inspiration during our workouts, right?!

Their website gives a description of who they are:

We believe in people. Tall people, short people, women, men – everyone. We believe all people can change their lives for the better each and every day. We believe in chasing dreams… but we believe more in catching dreams and living them. We believe in underdogs, long shots and last hopes. We believe in the extra mile, the last rep and digging deep. We believe in following your heart, sweating like crazy and pushing yourself past your limits. We believe in honesty, commitment, dedication and loyalty. We believe the most important step is the first one. We believe in motivation. We believe in hard work. We believe in setting goals, achieving them and then setting new ones. We believe you should chase the good things…and that the chase never ends.”

Chase Infinite Workout Tanks 1  Chase Infinite Workout Tanks 2

(Images Courtesy of Chase Infinite)

I had a really hard time choosing which tank I wanted to get, because they are all SO awesome! I decided to go with the SWEAT: She Will Endure All Things tank. I love the colors and the saying. I feel I made the right choice!

Chase Infinite SWEAT Workout Tank 3   Chase Infinite SWEAT Workout Tank 2

It was a a little challenging trying to get a good selfie, but hopefully this gives you an idea! Here’s an image sent to me by Chase Infinite showing off the SWEAT tank a little bit better:

Chase Infinite SWEAT Workout Tank 4 This chick definitely rocks this tank!

The tank is super comfortable, and fits really well! I have a hard time finding tops that fit comfortably because I am a triple D cup (it’s not pleasant haha), but I was able to wear this tank while working out and also while sleeping! It’s THAT comfortable.

Another awesome thing about Chase Infinite:

“Chase Infinite believes it’s about more than just motivating athletes and our company can help change lives. You’ll notice each of our shirts is connected to a charitable organization working to improve lives and the world. We’ll donate a $1 from each shirt sold to a relevant charity. We’re currently working with the American Heart Association, Freedom Is Not Free and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and hope to grow this list. Chase Infinite is about more than shirts and motivation – it’s about making people’s lives healthier, better and more fulfilling.”

Isn’t that absolutely amazing?! It’s one thing to make great fitness apparel, but it’s another to donate proceeds to charity. I am all about companies that give back.

Chase Infinite is obviously super giving, and they have offered all my followers a discount code to use!! You can head over to and use promo code stength to get a tank for $20 + free shipping!! Each tank is regularly $26, so you’re saving $6 plus the shipping cost. Amazing, right?!

Don’t forget to follow and tag Chase Infinite on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Tell them Lyndsay from The Balanced Brunette sent you!

You can check out my Instagram too, where you’ll see my picture of my SWEAT tank + the hand-written note Christopher from Chase Infinite sent me (always chase your “dreams” relentlessly… and strive to be awesome in all that you do). Seriously LOVE this company!!

Chase Infinite SWEAT Workout Tank 1

  •  Have you ever heard of Chase Infinite? Do you own any of their apparel?
  • Is it important to you to buy from companies who give back to the community?



Disclosure: I received a 30% discount on a tank from Chase Infinite, along with a discount code for my followers, in exchange for an honest review on my blog. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you Chase Infinite for the opportunity!

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