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Changes of That Happen in Women’s Bodies During Pregnancy

By Rojer @healthxwellness
Changes of that Happen in Women’s Bodies During Pregnancy

Your body will be constantly changing during pregnancy, which might cause some discomforts. These changes cause some symptoms, which are normal.

Pregnant women experience sudden and dramatic increases in estrogen and progesterone, as well as changes within the amount and function of a number of other hormones. Pregnancy is really a period of considerable changes in a woman´s body. These changes, affecting virtually every part of the body, are all geared towards growing and delivering a healthy baby, without harming the mother.

We have to know that the changes in the body is ongoing, it happens all throughout the pregnancy period which after the baby has been born. It also affects almost every bodily function and structure.

In some ways, these changes can expose a mother to some vulnerable state wherein health problems can happen if she’s considered to be at high risk. Additionally, some changes within the body can cause discomfort and requires careful assessment with a healthcare professional.

Bulging belly and weight gain

That’s the most obvious and in all likelihood the most difficult change to deal with. All of a sudden you find your perfect body slipping away while you gain that baby bump. But relax, there’s always a way to get eliminate this fat eventually. Just focus on the joys of nourishing a life in the human body.

Breast Changes

Your breasts may provide the first signs for you that you are pregnant. Women’s breasts often get extremely tender and start increasing in size very early in pregnancy. These changes are preparing you for breastfeeding. The size may increase throughout the first 3 months of pregnancy. It is important to wear a bra that matches and supports your breasts throughout your pregnancy.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness might be misleading to some extent. It is because, the nausea and feelings of sickness begin in the morning, but sometimes can extend throughout the day, causing discomfort to the pregnant woman. Fortunately, everything settles down after the initial weeks.

Vaginal Discharge

It’s common for vaginal discharge to increase during pregnancy. This is in the increased blood supply to tissue within the vagina. If you have pain, soreness, greenish color, bad smell, or itching from the discharge, contact your health care provider.

Swollen feet and varicose veins

Your feet get swollen and there’s a good venture of varicose veins of legs and feet. You should get proper rest to help cope with this problem.

Loose bones

Yup, you heard it right! During pregnancy, the hormone relaxin increases in body. This really is to help the baby to accommodate within the mother and for childbirth later. However, relaxin literally relaxes bones. This will make women vulnerable too, so they should treat pregnancy carefully.

Trouble Sleeping

Many women complain they have trouble sleeping when they are pregnant. Try not to eat just before bedtime. Consider going for a warm bath at bedtime to help you relax. As your abdomen gets bigger, you might want to lie on your side with a pillow under your abdomen along with a pillow between your legs for comfort.

Flatulence and Heartburn

Well, pregnancy may place you in some embarrassing social situations too. You never know when you’ll go loud while passing air in front of friends and family. It is because of the flatulence that comes with pregnancy. Heartburn is another problem which makes matters worse for you.

Pressurized bladder

Literally your bladder is pressurized with all that weight pressing down on it because of the baby. This will make you feel the need to pee immediately and frequently during pregnancy. That’s why, airlines offer seats near lavatory to pregnant women.

Back pain and body aches

With all of that going on inside your body during pregnancy, it gets an excessive amount of for your back and body. Using the bulging belly and disproportionate weight gain, you are likely to experience back pain and body aches.

Confusion and disorientation

‘Pregnancy brain’ appears to be an actual thing because, it has been observed that during the later stages of pregnancy, women have a tendency to become more confused and disoriented. Their memory can also be affected adversely. So attempt to remain calm during such a change. Getting tense about this will make things worse.

Body Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnant women are susceptible to depression too because of such sudden physical, physiological, emotional and social changes. In this case, women need proper guidance and support of the family as well as professional medical care and psychological counseling.

Mood swings

Blame it on hormones or even the fact that you are going through a life-changing transition, but it’s correct that pregnancy makes you prone to numerous mood swings. A supportive spouse and understanding family plays a vital role in maintaining peace and calm for that pregnant woman.

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