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Cellucor BCAA Review

By Nuwave
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A few weeks ago I did a cellucor bcaa review in video format which I put on Youtube. I’ll embed the video below so you can watch it as well to get my in-depth run down of ingredients. The video is quite long but tells you everything about cellucor bcaa and also what the ingredients ACTUALLY do for your body. I highly recommend you to watch it and become knowledgeable about BCAAs.

Cellucor BCAA Review:

I’m going to be honest and rate this product in terms of how it worked for me. I used a full 30 serving container and this written review is placed after my full duration of the product. You won’t see immediate results but this cellucor bcaa review should shed some light on the potential benefits you can have by taking this product.

cellucor bcaa reviews

Effectiveness –  8/10

I’m able to give this product a high effectiveness because while usually you can’t feel the effects of BCAAs (supposed to support recovery, prevent muscle breakdown etc) I was able to feel a lot better while taking this.  I would take cellucor BCAA in two ways, either 1 scoop pre workout or 1 scoop post workout with cellucor creatine.  If I took it pre workout I would mix it with C4 Extreme by Cellucor for an insanely good pre workout boost! The beta alanine in this product is about 1.3g, while the effective does is at least 3.2g. However you can take 2 scoops or mix 1 scoop with 1 scoop C4 for about 3.1g beta alanine which is almost optimal! I noticed after about 3 weeks in, that cellucor bcaa was helping me by having less downtime between sets and also feeling more recovered the next day.

Flavor – 9/10 (Watermelon)

Cellucor is always known for having amazing powder formulas that taste great. Cellucor bcaa was no disappointment. However I did notice it seemed a lot sweeter and a  bit more tangy than C4 Extreme watermelon. So when I mixed 1 scoop of C4 watermlon with 1 scoop cellucor BCAA the drink became super sweet! However if you can handle it then it’s definitely worth it.

Mixability – 9/10

I used a blender ball with cellucor bcaa and there was very little to no grit at the bottom. I did notice quit a bit of foam, but if you have a filter then you wont taste that part. If you don’t have a shaker cup then stir with a spoon and avoid the foam completely.

Value – 6/10

This seems to be the only area that I can’t give a high score. Cellucor BCAA costs 39.99$ for 15 servings if you take the recommended 2 scoops per day. Taking 2 scoops a day turns this product into costing 2.66$ per serving which is insanely expensive. So I recommend taking 1 scoop per day or buying C4 Extreme and mixing 1 scoop of that with 1 scoop of cellucor BCAA for optimal beta alanine doses. In the end the choice is up to you on which product you want but if you are looking for a trusted high quality brand then Cellucor is the supplement company to go with.

I hope you enjoyed this cellucor bcaa review and that it gave you some help if you were thinking about purchasing it.

Cellucor BCAA Review

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