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Burned Out: It Can Happen to You!

By Nuwave

So I just recently returned from a trip to Honolulu and during that time I figured out that I was getting burned out with working out every single day and only having one day off. While I had been doing it for a long time I didn’t really understand how monotonous it was becoming. So thanks to this trip it actually reignited flame inside me to stay true and to do good in my workouts. Along with eating right and getting enough sleep.

burned out

burned out

Getting burned out is something that can happen to anybody. The way you get burnout is basically by repeating the same thing over and over and over again. So in order to combat this, you have to prevent yourself from getting burned out in anything you do in life. You’ve got to figure out a way that you can incorporate some areas of rest and relaxation completely away from what you have been doing.

So below I’m going to list some of my personal ways that I deal with not getting burned out. This is all based on what works for me so some things may not be applicable in your situation so read this and learn it if you can. See if it’ll help you in your life and help to prevent you from getting burned out!

Burned Out: It can Happen!

  1. Staying Determined; staying determined is probably the single most important thing in preventing yourself from getting burned out. Depending on the type of person you are it may be hard to stay determined in things that you do repetitively. However you’ve got to find something deep down in yourself and pull that out and use that as your motivation to stay focused and stay determined in your goals. So that you do not get burned out in anything that you are trying to achieve. Which brings me to number two.
  2. Support system; having a support system be it friends, family or others is very beneficial. By having someone in your life that is able to continually motivate you and push you to stay strong and committed in your goals is one of the reasons why lots of people are successful. If you look at all the successful presidents or people in power they’ve always had someone behind them that was there to push them or motivate them into who they became. It’s often true that sometimes other people can see seeds of greatness in us that we cannot see ourselves. So when you have a friend or family member that is saying they see something great in you. Stay alert and pay attention to them. Having a support system is crucial in order to prevent you from getting burned out, In anything that you do in your life.
  3. Be human; this tip is probably the most underrated but yet when you really dig down and think about it, it’s pretty important. Everyone wants to try to be a machine in their lives. Get everything done and don’t worry about emotions or failures or anything like that. However this is false, plus is your human and make mistakes, we have failures and sometimes things don’t go our way. I personally always tell myself to be a machine but in actuality you’ve got to understand that we’re just human. We are but skin and bones and dust of the earth so once you understand that we are actually very fragile. You’ll then be able to accept the fact that we are just human and stuff can come up and you can get burned out because it’s human nature.

Burned Out

burned out

burned out

So put the three tips given above in action in your everyday life. If you still get burned out after applying the three tips, don’t give up or get mad just except that you human. Pick up the pieces and start over again. Just like in my working out programs when I reach a maximum weight that I can’t push any more I don’t get burned out and give up. I analyze everything, I say okay I reached my max now I’ve got to restart my program and start the weight back lower and work my way back up again. In a sense, that’s what you got to do in your life. So I hope this is helped you to prevent yourself from getting burned out on anything you want to hope to achieve. Remember that the biggest enemy in life and person holding you back from your dreams or goals, is yourself. If you do get burned out in something. See where you went wrong and start over again… Remember to stay strong and follow the 3 tips above. Having a strong support system if you do fail will help to keep you from getting burned out!

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