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  • Shot Through The Heart – Isabelle Grey

    Shot Through Heart Isabelle Grey

    Crime Fiction4*s This is the second book in the Grace Fisher series, and before I start this review, in this instance I really do think you need to start at... Read more

    The 21 March 2016 by   Cleopatralovesbooks
  • Review: Elysium by Jennifer Marie Brissett

    Review: Elysium Jennifer Marie Brissett

    Elysium by Jennifer Marie BrissettAuthor Website Amazon (UK) I read this book for the Popsugar Reading Challenge 2016. I'm doing the challenge in... Read more

    The 03 March 2016 by   Pamelascott
  • Hot for the Scot- Kilted Heroes #1 - by Janice Maynard- A Book Review

    Scot- Kilted Heroes Janice Maynard- Book Review

    ABOUT THE BOOK: It’s a dream come true for schoolteacher Hayley Smith. No homework to grade, no students to corral, no social media, Internet or cell... Read more

    The 04 March 2016 by   Gpangel
  • a Front of Emphatic Respectability

    Front Emphatic Respectability

    Mrs Palfrey At The Claremont, by Elizabeth Taylor Every now and then a book or an author gets recommended to me by almost everyone I know. When it happens, I pa... Read more

    The 07 March 2016 by   Pechorin
  • Time Rats 1 on Pre-order

    Time Rats Pre-order

    Yesterday evening Time Rats 1 The Trouble with Time went live for pre-order on Amazon, and nice readers who nominated the book on Kindle Scout got an email... Read more

    The 22 March 2016 by   Lexi Revellian
  • Spring Cleaning and Goal Making!

    Spring Cleaning Goal Making!

    This year for Spring Bloggiesta {a blogging virtual spring cleaning event} I’ve got a couple of very special projects I’m working on. Read more

    The 18 March 2016 by   Anovelsource
  • 14 Tips–Choosing and Sharing Books with Young Children

    Tips–Choosing Sharing Books with Young Children

    Margaret Welwood on Writing Children's Books When she was little, one of our girls had a foolproof way for postponing bedtime—she’d plunk herself on my kne... Read more

    The 23 March 2016 by   Madi Preda
  • February Wrap Up

    February Wrap

    First things first, I don’t really have anything to put here because I did not finish reading anything last month. The only thing I really got through was... Read more

    The 04 March 2016 by   Jazmin-Jade
  • Finding My Focus Or Being Creative is Hard!

    Finding Focus Being Creative Hard!

    Hi, my name’s Lisa and I am a art/craft/aholic. My entire life I have been drawn to all things artistic. Singing, acting, drawing, painting, crafting, playing... Read more

    The 14 March 2016 by   Justwrite
  • Binge-reading Michael Connelly

    Binge-reading Michael Connelly

    When work is hectic, and the personal life even more so, rereads and easy thrillers are the order of the day. Michael Connelly has always been one of my... Read more

    The 14 March 2016 by   Cheekymeeky


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