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Baxter's Yoga U Online Course on Core Integrity and Balance

By Ninazolotow @Yoga4HealthyAge
by Nina
Baxter's Yoga U Online Course on Core Integrity and BalanceBaxter believes that core integrity and balance can be more important than bone mass in preventing fractures as we get older. So he created a special online course for Yoga U Online on the best ways to strengthen the complex group of muscles and structures of your core in a balanced way. In this two-part course, he also shows you how to use yoga to facilitate greater neuromuscular integration and balance.
Here’s what you’ll learn: 
  • What is meant by core integrity and how it impacts you
  • How to wake up your core and re-balance your body
  • Which yoga practices and breath work you can use to foster integrated strength and agility
The course includes: 
  1. Yoga Practice for Balanced Core Strength: For this course, Baxter created a special yoga practice that focuses on developing core strength in a balanced, holistic way and on improving neuro-muscular coordination. 
  2. Recordings of Both Sessions: You will get MP3 & MP4 recordings of both sessions, enabling you to go back and listen to the workshop as many times as you like.
  3. Transcripts of Both Sessions: The transcripts allow you to study any portion of the course in more depth or to obtain direct quotes from Baxter
The Yoga U Core Integrity and Balance webinar starts tomorrow, with the second part being presented next:
Tuesday, December 9 & Thursday, December 18, 2014
8:30 pm Eastern / 5:30 pm Pacific 
To register, go to Core Integrity and Balance Registration.
Although there is a charge for the course itself, here's some free stuff from Baxter on the site:
For a sneak peek at some of the slides included in Baxter’s course, go to: Core Integrity and Balance Sneak Peek.
For downloads of free interviews with Baxter, go to: 
Audio Interview with Baxter #1  
Audio Interview with Baxter #2 
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