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Awesome Arms & Abs Workout

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus
Get more bang for your workout buck by tackling moves that target multiple muscle groups at once, like this Awesome Arms & Abs Workout! Awesome Arms & Abs Workout

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Awesome Arms & Abs Workout

NYC is all about the hustle and bustle. Everything is go-go-go all the time, so living here, I've learned how to be quite efficient. I know the quickest subway routes. I know how to weave through throngs of tourists on the sidewalks and when work calls for an early meeting, I know how to get in a quick yet efficient workout.

The key is to choose moves that work more than one body muscle group at a time, which is exactly what this Awesome Arms & Abs Workout does. Instead of 10 moves that will take you twice the time to complete, it combines movements to get the same amount of work done in half the time. For efficiency's sake, let's dive right in.

Awesome Arms & Abs Workout
Equipment: Exercise Mat, Medium Weight Dumbbells

Sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you so that your legs and torso form an L. Lift the dumbbells to your shoulders, palms facing forward. With your core engaged, press the dumbbells overhead. Return the dumbbells to shoulder height. Complete 12-15 reps.

Note: Choose a weight where the last 2-3 reps are challenging but do-able.

Plank Tricep Kickbacks

Equipment: Exercise Mat, Light Weight Dumbbell

Get into a push up position, hands under the shoulders, body in a straight line. Keeping the core engaged, shift your weight to your right hand, making sure that your hips and torso stay parallel to the ground. Hold a weight in your left hand, and pull your left arm up so that it forms a 90-degree angle (upper arm parallel with your torso). Slowly kick the arm back so that the entire arm is straight and parallel with your torso. Return the arm to the 90-degree angle. Complete 12-15 reps. Repeat with the opposite arm.

Note: Choose a weight where the last 2-3 reps are challenging but do-able.

Weighted Russian Twists

Equipment: Exercise Mat, Medicine Ball

Sit on your bum. Lift your legs off the floor (knees slightly bent) and lean back slightly to create a V-shape between your torso and your thighs. Keeping your core tight, twist your torso and hands over to the right and then to the left for a total of 12-15x per side.

Equipment: Exercise Mat, Light Weight Dumbbells

Sit on your bum. Keep your legs straight as you lift them off the floor and lean back slightly to create a V-shape between your torso and your legs. With a dumbbell in each hand, lift your arms up by your sides, keeping them straight and parallel to the mat. Keep the core tight and pulse the arms up and down quickly for 12-15 reps.

Equipment: Medium Weight Dumbbell

Start with feet about hip width apart and use both hands to hold the dumbbell. Rotate your torso to the right and bring the dumbbell up over your right shoulder. Then, bend the knees slightly and rotate your torso to the left, bringing the dumbbell over to the left side in front of the thigh, like you're chopping wood. Rotate back up and repeat 12-15 times before switching sides.

Get it? Got it? Then do it to it. Once you get through all the moves, rest for a minute, and then start back at the top and do it again. If you're really ambitious, do it 3 times through!

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Awesome Arms & Abs Workout

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