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Are You Sick of Cooking Taking So Much Time?

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

There are few things better, in terms of taste and nutritional quality than a good home-cooked meal. However, there’s no denying that the time it takes to prepare one can be pretty draining, especially when you’re doing it day after day after day. However, what if cooking didn’t need to take so long? Here are a few things that can help you whip your kitchen into shape and get a little speedier with your meals.

Are You Sick of Cooking Taking So Much Time?

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Pre-Plan and Prepare

All good cooking routines start with a meal plan. If you’re trying to eliminate waste or to save money with your meal plan, you might get ingredients that are used across two meals. If that’s the case, you can use your time when cooking the first to prepare ingredients for the next meal, too. For instance, if both today’s and tomorrow’s meals require you to chop up veggies, such as for a casserole and a stir fry on two different days, do it for both days on the first one.

Use A Slow Cooker (my favorite!)

Surely, slow cookers take longer to prepare meals than other methods? They might take longer to actually cook the meal, but the prep time can be way reduced by the fact that, usually, slow cooking requires little else than throwing the ingredients in there and letting the cooker do most of the work, like with this honey sriracha style crockpot chicken. Air fryers are also great for helping you prepare food in a flash and, if you cook a lot of rice, then a rice cooker can take away all of the extra steps you would have with a pot and water.

Find Some Shortcuts for Your Favorites

You might be surprised just how many of your favorite recipes can be made a lot quicker simply by finding the right “shortcuts.” Sometimes, the shortcuts might involve using ingredients that are pre-prepared but sometimes, like with this Veracruz style fish recipe, you can prepare a meal similar to one of your favorites, but without needing to spend all that time cooking the fish in the sauce, which makes it take less time to prepare. If you think about your favorite meals, search for shortcuts online and you’ll find most of them have at least one available.

Make Enough for Leftovers

There are plenty of meals that can easily be stored for a day and be just as delicious the second day after you heat it up. A left-over lasagna might be nicer for some if you like that crispiness that develops on the pasta when you reheat it. Take a look at some of the best leftover recipes you can eat and make enough to suit you for more than one day so that, even if it means eating the same thing two nights in a row once in a while, you get the benefit of a delicious homecooked meal and you canup the flavor simply by adding some citrus or vinegar..

If you don’t always have the time to cook from scratch as you have been, then hopefully, the tips above can help you get meals ready in a lot less time!

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Are You Sick of Cooking Taking So Much Time?

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