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April 2017 Goals

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus
April 2017 Goals

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April 2017 Goals

I realized that I never made goals for March. Perhaps that's a big reason I fell into such a funk. I'm definitely starting pull out of it and owe a lot of that to you all! You shared such encouraging words with me, and I really took all your advice to heart.

I'm ready to make April 200x better than March by setting some fitness, nutrition and life goals. Let's do this, April!

April 2017 Goals

Get back to morning workouts - This is the biggest side effect of the funk I was in. I've been sleeping much later than I used to and therefore pushing my workouts to after work. Most days, I can still sweat it out after work, but the amount of excuses not to workout are way higher after a long day. Plus, when I workout in the morning, I have more energy and am in a better mood throughout the day.

Actually do BBG - I've done a few of Kayla's Bikini Body Guide workouts here and there, but I've never really stuck to the program. This month, I want to actually get through all the Month 1 workouts.

Run outside more - The temperature in the mornings right now is perfect. It's in the 50s. When the sun is still rising it's not too hot. I really have no excuse not to run outside in the morning, especially because if I end up waiting until after work, my biggest excuse is that it's too hot out. I either hit the treadmill or don't run at all. I want to get some sort of night-lights so that I can hit the road before the hot Texas sun comes up or, if it comes to it, after it goes down. I have my eye on these Night Runner Pro lights.

April 2017 Goals
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They attach to your shoes and give you 270 degrees of visibility with two rear-facing red taillights, so others can see you from all sides. They also provide visual performance feedback through flash alerts through a Bluetooth integration with your smartphone. Check out their Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter donors can exclusively pre-order a pair of Night Runners for $35 less than the market value (MSRP $89.99). New gear is always a motivator right?

Stick to meal prep - I've been pretty good about meal prep lately. I just need to stick with the habit of making a bunch of healthy, filling meals and snacks on Sunday, so that I can enjoy them all week long. This week, I've been all about the Unicorn Energy Bites!

One drink outside of weekends - One thing I've found since moving to Austin is that I'm drinking way more than I used to. I've never been a huge drinker, but the weather has been so lovely that I find myself wanting to go to an outdoor happy hour after work to enjoy the evening and a glass of wine. I'd like to keep myself to only having one drink Monday-Thursday, and then give myself a little more leeway on the weekends.

Read more - I used to read quite a bit in New York during my commute. Now that I don't really have a commute I find that I'm really not reading, and I miss it. I joined a book club this month, and if I stick to my goal of working out in the morning, I'll have time after work to read. I started the book club book, Cork Dork, Monday night, so I'm off to a good start!

Be more present - I was doing a great job of this a few months ago, but I had a little relapse. This month, I want to get back to putting my phone away when I'm walking outside and when I'm in the presence of others.

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April 2017 Goals

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