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Anti-Aging Tips for Oily Skin You’ve Never Heard

By Rojer @healthxwellness
Anti-Aging Tips for Oily Skin You’ve Never Heard

Anti-aging skin care for this skin type must accommodate your special oil management needs as well as minimize the potential frustrations of wearng make-up.

Most people think anti-aging skin care is for old people. But you’d be wrong to assume that anti-aging skin care isn’t for you while you’re young. In fact, anti-aging skin care begins or must start while you are young; anti-aging skin care should be something you do leading up to old age. If it’s not, you’ve already missed out on looking your best as you age.

Aging is an integral part of life, and because of the hormonal changes, one ages and grows old. The effects of aging on the skin are – sagging and loose skin, appearance of age spots and wrinkles. And when one cannot completely avoid these side effects, we can at least take efforts to delay the process by following a healthy skin care regimen.

Avoid Foam

Sometimes the best anti-aging tips would be the simplest ones and this is good news, of course. For instance, it’s very important to abandon all foam cleansers because they are really harsh even for oily skin. Actually, foam cleaners make your organs of internal secretion produce much more oil. So, if you are using such a foam, consider purchasing a different type of cleanser, e.g. some cleansing gel or cleansing milk for oily skin.

Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep is extremely important not just for your skin but your overall health. This doesn’t mean you sleep all day, just get adequate sleep of around 8 to 9 hours. Also, sleep on your back as sleeping on your face can wrinkle the skin and age skin at a faster rate.

Nourish Your Skin

One of the essential anti-aging means you need to consume for pampering and nourishing your skin is antioxidants. They fight oxidizing processes, thus helping our skin stay elastic and young. So, opt for oil-free gels and moisturizers that include antioxidants and keep to the diet high in antioxidants – such as beans, vegetables and berries.

Don’t Wash Your Face Too Often

Don’t over cleanse your face even though your oily skin texture may tempt you into washing your face again and again. You actually may want your skin to look fresh, clean and oil-free but washing your face many times in a day actually leads to increase in oil production. Also, over-cleansing may make your skin dry. You can wash your face twice a day and use blotting papers during the day to keep oil away.

Consume Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids revitalises your skin and repairs it from the inside. Eat foods rich on omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, halibut, eggs, soy milk and yogurt. They’re not only delicious but also do a lot of benefit to your skin.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips


Regardless of the type of skin the Nature granted you with, remember that sun protection is essential! Sun damage boosts the aging process by affecting the outer and inner layers of your skin. Start using sunscreen creams rather than leave the house without it on your face. To avoid clogged pores, choose sunscreens that suits oily skin.

Avoid Sugar, Smoke And Alcohol

Stopping smoking is the best thing you can give yourself as it not just damages your health but also your skin. And if you have a sweet tooth and indulge in too many sweets, reduce them. Studies have shown that consuming lots of sugar over long periods can cause skin to age and dull as a result of process in our body called glycation.

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