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Animal Pak: Honest Review

By Nuwave

Hello, If your like me you want to make sure your getting the best supplements inside your body. Supplements that work & will help you each and everyday! Today I’m going to be talking about Animal Pak by Universal Nutrition! I’ve used Animal Pak before & will be giving a honest review on it.

Whats in Animal Pak?

animal pak

animal pak

  • Animal Pak is a multivitamin. It’s also an amino acid supplement. It’s a digestive aid supplement. It’s a performance enhancing supplement. It’s a lot of things all wrapped up into one pack.

I’m not going to get into the specific ingredients of Animal Pak because you can easily google that & find out. What I am going to tell is my personal experience with Animal Pak!

So I was hesitate of buying animal pak because I had never really taken a multi vitamin let alone a hardcore training pak like Animal. I didn’t expect much since what is vitamins really going to do? Make me feel like I’m superman? Who knew..

Once I ordered it I immedialty was amazed by how many pills I had to take everyday! I believe it was 11 or 12 pills in one pak! Some of them pills were like horse pills lol! Stil though I stayed commited & took it everyday for about a month to see how it worked.

To be quite honest I was impressed… these were my results


  • Increased Energy
  • Strength Went Up(could lift more)
  • Felt More ‘awake’
  • My Veins were showing more!

Just to name a few things… the only downside was that I urinated green/yellow. Its called ‘Pak Piss! Basically once your body absorbed all the B vitamins you urinate the rest. Still though I’d always rather be having too much nutrients than not enough.. wouldnt you? Well long story short, I still take Animal Pak everyday, I actually take it twice a day on strength workout days like weight lifting! I would recommend you get yourself the Animal Pak & share your experience with others!

Nothing to lose and everything to gain! Animal Pak.

Be an Animal, Get Animal Pak! Enough Said!

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