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Aging and Memory: Weightlifting Can Help?

By Nuwave

I got an email today from Google Alerts telling me about an interesting article written that shows the possiblity of weightlifting aiding in aging and memory! Below is an expert from the website. aging and memory

Aging and Memory: Weightlifting Can Help?

Weightlifting and aerobics may help slow down declining memory problems, a new study has found. 

A conference heard that people with mild memory problems that can precede Alzheimer’sdisease could be helped by exercise. 

Researchers in Canada have found that resistance training such as lifting weights improved the performance in tests on conflictresolution, attention and memory in people with mild cognitive impairment. 

The study by University of British Columbia involved 86 women with the condition who were aged between 70 and 80. 

Another study, by the National Centre for Geriatrics and Gerontology in Japan found that language ability of a group of 47 older people with mild cognitive impairment improved when they took part in a mixture of aerobic, strength and balance exercises over a 12 month period. 

A third study by a team at University of Pittsburgh on 120 older adults reported moderate intensity walking can grow the region of the brain related to memory.

Well there is no specifics on to what type of exercises were done but I would think living a healthy lifestyle and exercising properly would definitely help. There is a lot of hidden things that weightlifting does for our body that is GOOD but we just dont know about it yet. Aging and memory is just one thing that might be affected in a good way from weightlifting!

I recorded a video on this topic on my youtube channel so feel free to watch it below if you don’t like reading! All in all I think weightlifting is very beneficial regardless of your age. A lot of the longest living people today do some sort of exercise and try to eat healthy. I highly doubt they would be eating McDonald everyday or doing negative things to their health because that would affect aging and memory among other things in a negative way!

Aging and Memory: Weightlifting can help?

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