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ADHD and OCD Increased on Subutex?

By Finallygrowingup @mordechaikashuk

ADHD and OCD Increased on Subutex?Hello all.  You know, it’s strange, but I can help feeling that my ADHD and OCD symptoms have become slightly less manageable since roughly the second week that I began taking the med.

I feel different somehow.

I’m having more difficulty deciding which way to go around poles again, I feel a bit hyper-verbal, and feel like my movements are a bit more jerky than usual.

No one has mentioned anything of course, and in truth, I am acting normal, and feeling pretty darn good, all things considered.

My knee feels better than ever, thank G-d. I am walking well, and able to work.

It is interesting how the symptoms of these disorders increase with stress.  I mean they are essentially anxiety disorders after all.

I have been working with a couple of clients lately.

One gentleman in particular.

He has very low self esteem, and has an inferiority complex with his wife, etc. etc.  We worked out a treatment plan, and will go through it here, as he is unable yet to concentrate enough to do it on his own.  He will get to that point, however, be certain of that. We are also going to have a couple of sessions with his wife.

This is my tafkid (mission), that I help others.  Both of the people that are currently my clients, I am working with Pro-Bono.  Why? Well primarily because they have no money.

When they are in better financial shape, they will pay, but not having money now, should not stop them from receiving the help that they so desperately want and need.

When one is given the ability by Hashem (G-d), to help others in a certain way, then they should help them.

Generally I work on a sliding scale with people, but sometimes I need to forgo it altogether in order to be of assistance to others, which also, by the way helps me.

When I work others, it gets me out of my own head, and allows me to be completely symptom free.

And obviously this works out best for everyone.

B”H  Have a wonderful symptom reduced, or even free day everyone!


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