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A Guide To Making Every Day of Your Life As Special As Possible

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

Many people hate the idea of routine and the mundane and want to bring as much magic as possible to their everyday lives. However, if you can’t find the magic inside of routine and the mundane, you’ll never find it elsewhere! In this guide, you’ll see how you can make every day of your life as special as possible. Take a look:

  1. Take Time For Authentic Connection With At Least One Person

Speaking to people isn’t the same as making an authentic connection. This could be with somebody you know, or somebody you don’t. Make an effort to speak to people, listen to them, and don’t just wait for your turn to speak. Ask them questions and show a genuine interest in them. Don’t look at your phone while you’re with another person, as it sends a message that you’d rather be elsewhere. 

You’ll feel so much better when you’re authentically connecting with people, and it could have a big impact on them, too. 

  1. Watch Your Wording

When speaking to other people or checking in on a loved one, watch your wording. Don’t just ask “how are you” for example. The only acceptable answer to that is ‘fine’ or an uncomfortable conversation if they absolutely have to tell you that they are not fine. Instead, ask them something specific, like how work is going. You could also say, “I’ve been feeling like this lately, how have you been feeling?” Sharing how you are feeling first is a much nicer way to open up conversation! 

  1. Get Dressed Up

You don’t need a reason to get dressed up. Saving clothes for a special occasion might make sense if you don’t want to do your food shopping in a sequined, luxury dress, but if you do then do it! Wear the clothes that make you happy and don’t be afraid to dress up. Wear your best clothes for no reason! 

  1. Develop A Routine Baggy Enough To Live In 

Routine might seem boring, but it can be a great way to build healthy habits. If you build a routine that you’re happy with, you’ll actually want to do it every day. Not only that, you should make it ‘baggy enough to live in’ – a quote from author Matt Haig. Give yourself time to do the things you enjoy, and make sure you have down time. You don’t want to rush from pillar to post every day getting things done. 

Being productive can feel good, but filling your day with tedious tasks just so you don’t have to sit with yourself or think about the fact you don’t have any hobbies you enjoy isn’t great! If you feel like you always have to be ‘busy’ try to turn yourself inside out and ask yourself why. 

  1. Appreciate The Little Things 

Huge, magical things don’t have to happen for life to be special. Learn how to appreciate the little things. Notice things that would pass you by in everyday life. Pay attention to the sounds, smells, and sights that you probably ignore every day. If you don’t look for magic in the ordinary, you won’t find it. Believe it’s there, believe you will find it, and you will. 

A Guide To Making Every Day of Your Life As Special As Possible


  1. Make Gratitude Lists 

Making gratitude lists can help you to start and finish the day off right. If you’re just getting started, try writing one out before bed. When you feel ready, you can start doing it in the morning to start your day off right, too. You can include anything and everything. It may be hard at first, but you can find plenty to be grateful for when you look. 

The more grateful you are for what you have, the more you’ll have to be grateful for. Try to think of 5 unique things every day. List three great things that happened to you that day, too. Again, you may need to think hard about this, especially if you’ve had a ‘bad’ day, but you will be able to find it if you think about it. You’ll eventually retrain your brain to find the positives in every day without having to think too hard. 

  1. Create A Vision Board 

A vision board can help you to think more about what you really want out of life. You can make one board for your whole life, or multiple boards for different areas of your life – whatever suits you. When you fill the board with things that genuinely inspire and resonate with you and look at it every day, you’ll likely come into contact with these things a lot more. What you focus on, you attract. Make sure you’re focusing on what you want, not what you don’t want. 

  1. Pay Attention To How You Treat Your Body 

If you treat your body right, it’ll reward you by keeping you healthy both physically and mentally. Fill your diet with vegetables and other whole foods, but don’t deny it chocolate or cake! Drink plenty of water. Have whatever else you like in moderation. You’ll feel much better when you eat filling, balanced meals rather than junk. 

For the day to be as special as possible, you may also decide to boost your energy early on. You can do this with exercise, coffee, yerba mate, or you could buy kratom. It all depends on what you have planned, but a little energy boost will always do you good if you’re planning a busy day. 

  1. Take Time To Do Nothing

Doing nothing doesn’t have to mean being bored or unproductive. Many people find that they get their best ideas and solutions to problems when they take the time to do nothing. Actively planning to do nothing could leave you with a new creation or idea. It could mean reading that book you’ve been meaning to read, getting into that mediation habit, or doing whatever else you fancy. Try it and see what comes to you. 

  1. Get To Know Yourself 

Spending time alone is healthy, but for many it can be uncomfortable. This is usually because people don’t ‘know’ themselves very well. Learning to become your own best friend and understand yourself and what you like/don’t like will work wonders for this. You’ll realize your worth and how valuable you are. You won’t waste time with people just because you’re afraid of being alone, and you won’t try to fill that empty space inside you with alcohol or another distraction. 

A Guide To Making Every Day of Your Life As Special As Possible


  1. Try New Things 

Get out of that comfort zone and try new things as often as you can. Being comfortable is nice, but nobody ever grows when they are comfortable. Getting out of your comfort zone is so important. Smile at a stranger, strike up a conversation, go to a workshop or class. Do something – anything! Aim to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself as often as possible. You’ll soon realize you’re more capable than you thought! 

  1. Reframe Your Thinking

It can be difficult to reframe your thinking when you’ve been thinking a certain way for so long. However, when you do the work to reframe your thinking, you can quickly realize how you were holding yourself back before. Turn yourself inside out and question your beliefs. Ask yourself why certain things trigger you and make you angry. Where did your beliefs come from? Are they yours, your parents, societies? Reframing your thinking will help you to look at things in a brand new way. Don’t get stuck in your ways. 

  1. Practice Random Acts Of Kindness

Random acts of kindness feel great, and they can be a lot of fun. You could give money to charity, leave inspiring quotes dotted around town, and pay it forward in your local coffee shop. It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture or anything expensive – just do something kind for somebody else. 

  1. Buy Yourself A Gift

You shouldn’t need an excuse to buy yourself a gift. Do it because you love yourself! Buy yourself some beautiful flowers, write out a note, and admire them every day. You could even buy yourself a balloon if flowers aren’t your thing. If you have a bigger budget, go for a new outfit, or a luxury hair product. Give yourself some of the love and attention you give to others. Don’t feel guilty, as long as you can afford it! 

  1. Meditate 

Meditation encourages those with a regular practice to pay attention and focus. You pay attention to your thoughts while letting them pass by without attaching to them. You focus on your breathing. You pay attention to how your body feels. You pay attention to what comes up. Meditation often helps people to feel less stressed and more creative. It helps them to sleep better. One thing is for sure: if you start meditating regularly, you’ll no doubt begin to notice the special things in each and every day.

Making every day of your life special doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. You don’t even need to have anybody else there with you. Remember, always do what makes you happy!

Thank you for reading!

A Guide To Making Every Day of Your Life As Special As Possible

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