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8 Week Ectomorph Transformation

By Nuwave

Ectomorph Transformation

Well the day has finally come. I finished Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength program yesterday. Was 24 sessions, 3 days a week of intense weight lifting. I just finished making my youtube video so you can watch that below and tell me what you think of the results? I’m probably going to rest 3 days or so then get into a more advanced version of the program that incorporates pull ups or something. This is a story of my ectormoph transformation.

I started this about 8 weeks ago, I had been doing P90X for a long time (5 rounds or so). I was just maintaining my size but I wanted to get a little bit bigger. I did some research and heard about this program. It involves intense weight lifting 3 days a week. Two different workouts that switch every time. So Workout A would be Squat, Bench Press, Dead lift. Then Workout B would be Squat, Overhead Press, Power Clean. Now I dont have a squat rack at home so I had to do hack squats instead. Still worked out pretty good though. I did all these workouts from home with my home gym I have :) . If your struggling to gain weight, you can have an ectomorph transformation too. You just need to get the right program.

An easy way to find out if your an ectomorph is to measure your wrist by using the pinky finger & thumb of your opposite hand. Wrap your thumb & pinky finger around your right wrist. If your thumb overlaps your pinky finger even the slightest. Most likely you have some ectomorph traits then :)

So While there is only so much you can achieve in 8 weeks, I feel my body has progressed a lot. I hope the pictures in my video do justice. If not, I still know I learned a lot about bodybuilding I didnt know before and I’m grateful for that.  So Lets enjoy the ectomorph transformation

Definition of an Ectomorph- An individual having a lean, slightly muscular body build in which tissues derived from the embryonic ectoderm predominate. So this is a very broad definition of an ectomorph.

Ectomorph Transformation

Which means its hard to put on serious mass. I always try my best though, tell me what you think!

 Here is MY Ectomorph Transformation!

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