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7 Easy Feng Shui Tips For Office

By Argie Hristodoulou @mindb0dyhealthy

feng shui for office

Feng shui for office is an important aspect. It is aimed at ensuring that your office provides the necessary support needed from it. Your office should be capable of relaxing you and attracting positive energy to ensure you beat your deadlines.

Furthermore, it should be capable of relieving you from any negativity that is likely to interfere with the overall performance. An office consumes most of a persons time and it can only be beneficial with a positive environment.

Feng Shui provides you with ideas on how to arrange your office in a manner that will promote a positive working environment.

Below are 7 basic Feng Shui tips to help you transform your office.

#1. Avoid clutter

Clutter should not find room in your office space. Clutter transforms into messy space that reflects a bad Feng Shui. It results in confusion and chaos among all the workers since all the required items will often be displaced. As a result, it also results in unwanted stress.

Clutter should be cleared from your desk as well as on other digital devices that help in transforming your daily duties. Your office space should be organized neatly to avoid a stressful working environment and promote productivity.

#2. Have a reliable receptionist

All the offices are always expected to have guests regularly or once in a while. Every office should have a professional receptionist seated at the entrance in order to handle all the visiting guests. This practice improves the energies in the office and makes it easier handling office tasks.

They provide immediate support to the guests and direct them on where to receive the services they need. Offices without such a setup enhance a non-friendly environment to their visitors which creates a bad impression about the office.

#3. Strategize the finance and accounts department

They should be located in a secured corner of the office. This provides only one single entry point to these departments. The person in charge of these duties should be seated with his back facing the walls.

This measure helps in improving the financial stability of the company. The position is also beneficial in enhancing easier management of internal security in the department.

#4. Eliminate or sharp corners

It is advisable that you check around your working area in order to notice the presence of any sharp corners that are likely to jut out towards you at right angles. Feng shui advises that such corners should be eliminated with ideas such as placing a plant or covering it using a piece of fabric.

Apart from covering up the sharp corners, water plants can enhance the wealth of the company. Before setting up the water plants, it is good to seek advice from a Feng Shui master to determine whether the wealth corner has some negative energy. If negative energies are present, they should be removed before setting up the water plants.

feng shui buddha

#5. Strategize on the major decision maker’s room

The office intended for the decision maker who in most cases is the big boss, should be located at a point where he can have direct access to other offices for his staff members.

Alternatively, it can also be placed at a location where the boss can directly have a view of his staff while in the office. Avoid situating his desk in a secluded corner of the office since this will promote lesser communication between him and his staff.

#6. Positioning of the office desk

Generally, no office desk should be situated directly facing towards the main entrance especially if it is near the door. However, the receptionist desk can be located in such a position since they will be directly in charge of receiving guests.

If the receptionist’s desk is located at such a point, it should have a higher counter that serves as a protection against any incoming energies that are likely to affect the stability of work and interfere with concentration. The desk should also not allow the back of any staff to face directly into the door way. Such a position prevents accumulation of qi’ which affects the level of stability.

#7. Lighting

The working desk and lobby of the office should be well lit at all working times. Light influences development of yang energy that is responsible for growth of all office functionalities.

Being careful about Feng Shui will provide an environment supportive of production and success. If you are wondering how to transform your office, try out these tips and experience the feel and wonder of a successful career.

Easy Feng Shui Tips Office

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