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5/3/1 BBB, Week 2 Workout & Review So Far…

By Nuwave

I've been doing 5/3/1 Boring But Big variation 1 for a few weeks so far and wanted to give my impressions and thoughts. Coming from GZCLP program that I've run probably close to 6 months or longer before feeling the burn of LP limits ( at least in my opinion). Both GZCLP and 5/3/1 are good programs in what they are designed to do. GZCLP is probably my favorite workout program still because of the rep setup when reaching failure and also the customization options allowing you to tailor the workout to strengthen your weak areas. I wanted to switch to 5/3/1 because I felt I couldn't progress 5lbs weekly on my lifts anymore. I had reached the 10×1 failure twice and reset on GZCLP and at that point, most users as well recommend switching off to an intermediate program. A lot of it boils down to if you're constantly in a calorie surplus as well.

So far with 5/3/1 Boring But Big, here are some of the things I enjoy about it:

  • Workouts are quicker ( I was working out 1hr 40mins, 4x a week. Now I workout 1hr 15min, so I saved about 30mins)
  • Massive pump on primary compound lift days ( Noticing new veins in shoulders on overhead press day example)
  • Simple workout and it works
  • You will learn the meaning of dread doing 5×10 deadlifts or 5×10 squats... not easy

There are a few concerns I have so far on the program compared to me doing GZCLP. I don't feel as full all the time and that might be due to an actual lower amount of volume that I was used to. On my app, I use to track I was doing around 10,000lb volume in a full workout sometimes up to 13k. Now I'm doing 8-10k and sometimes with lighter weights. Still, though I don't want to get obsessed with the numbers. I have to judge things with how I feel in the mirror and if my strength stays the same. So far my strength is about the same levels if not a little bit higher actually in deadlift strength. So I think I will give this about 3 months until October to judge how it worked for me. I've attached some workout videos you can see below for some visual reference in the type of exercises you do. I would check out the Reddit page or official 5/3/1 website if you want the full program and guide.

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5/3/1 BBB,  Week 2 Workout & Review So Far…
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