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5/3/1 BBB – 1 Month Review, My Thoughts:

By Nuwave

So it's been about 5 weeks since I started doing this workout program Wendler's 5/3/1 boring but big. I've tried it in the past but for some reason, I could never get past 2-3 weeks because I felt the low max percentage volume was not worth my time. Now though I've added more accessories and to address weak areas. It seems to be working out well so far. The most interesting thing is that during week 4 of this program you deload for 1 week to give your body time to recover. I realized how important recovery is because for the last several years I would never go beyond 4 days without lifting heavy. So to go a whole week with around 50% lifts makes me feel I'm wasting time but it is important. The good news is depending on how I feel it's possible I can increase the training percentages during the deload week by 10-15% to still stimulate muscle growth. This gives me the option to listen to my body and adjust percentages based on how I feel. That way I don't waste 25% of my training time with an easy week that is just too light. I can gradually increase percentages over time as well. A mixture of both strength training and hypertrophy is possible if you add the right accessories and even start to superset them.

*Important note*: During the 5×10 50% squats and deadlifts, you need to be very aware and careful. You can easily injure yourself with all those reps and sets. What happens is you focus more on getting 10 reps for 5 sets instead. So then your form breaks down and you just start going faster trying to finish the sets out to move on. If you aren't careful you can get hurt I've read a lot of posts about people getting injured on the deadlift 5×10 because rushing through it. So in that case listen to your own body. If you are feeling strong and okay then go the full sets but as soon as you start to notice yourself rushing and form break down then dial it back. Come back to the present moment and ask yourself if you can do nice controlled reps. If not then stop and move onto the next exercise.

My squat numbers could still be higher but I think I'm stuck on a form issue I need to figure out. When I was 10lbs heavier I could lift a lot more but my form wasn't as good. Now my form is better, I'm 10lbs lighter and had to drop about 50lbs to have good form (parallel or past it). So another important thing is to not let ego lifting get in the way. As long as you keep trying to achieve progressive overload either more reps, more weights, gradually over time. Then you're getting stronger and progressing which is certaintly possible on 5/3/1 bbb.

Here are some of my highlights 5/3/1 boring but big workout clips. I do the main lifts then 25-50 reps for different body parts. Workouts are usually 1hr 30mins give or take. After 5 weeks so far I think I'll keep on this for another 2 months so I can say I did a full 3 months of it. My numbers are still going up on this. Even my deadlifts which is something I struggled with on my last program increasing deadlifts. Hope you enjoyed my 5/3/1 bbb review.

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5/3/1 BBB – 1 month review, my thoughts:
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