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5 Tips to Keep Muscle Gains on a Night Shift Schedule

By Nuwave

I was recently asked on Instagram how I can help someone that is starting a new night shift schedule after this quarantine ends from coronavirus. While I personally haven't had to work an extended night shift schedule, it did give me the idea of some tips I wanted to share with the person who asked. So I decided to make a PowerPoint presentation YouTube video. I've attached it below for you to watch if you prefer that method. Here I'll list the 5 tips *in my personal opinion* on how to keep your muscle gains or maybe even get new muscle on a night shift schedule.

5 Tips to Keep Muscle Gains on a Night Shift Schedule

  1. Learn the new schedule - (learn all you need to do before the new schedule starts and prepare).
  2. Prepare in advance - Ties in with #1 but also means all your daily activities,clothes, and food are prepared in advance.
  3. The Workouts - Pick a good program that will have the hardest workout days on your "rest" days from the job. If you are on your feet a lot during work, you will DREAD coming home or going to the gym to do a 1-2hr squat day... plan accordingly.
  4. Nutrition - Track your calories on MyFitnessPal and get meal prep containers. Cook 5-7 days in advance if you can!
  5. Leisure Time - Take time to relax, talk to friends, play games you enjoy or other fun activities. It's fun to be a hardcore machine all the time but if you don't balance things properly you will become burned out!

This is a quick breakdown of the 5 tips on how to keep muscle gains during a night shift schedule. If you want to know more indepth I recommend watching the youtube video below!

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5 Tips to Keep Muscle Gains on a Night Shift Schedule
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