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4 Tips to Make Yourself More Appealing

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette
4 Tips to Make Yourself More Appealing

Courtesy: Pexels.

Human beings are social creatures, and interacting with other people is necessary for good mental health. Everyone wants to be liked, and some people will go to extreme lengths to make themselves appealing. 

However, you can be simple and genuine and still be appealing. It all depends on your overall presentation. 

Here are four tips to make yourself more appealing: 

  1. Smile & Laugh More Often 

Smiling is associated with sunshine because it lightens things up. Smiling makes you look friendly, and it can ease even the tensest situations. 

Smiling at someone usually prompts them to smile back, setting your interaction off to a good start. However, ensure that your smile is genuine and warm. Looks also matter, and a straight smile will be more appealing than a crooked one. To this end, it is advisable to straighten crooked teeth using invisalign braces for a straight smile. 

Laughing is also just as appealing as smiling, especially when it induces natural laughter in everyone else. However, laughing should only be done at appropriate times, or else it will feel awkward – and it will seem like you are trying too hard to be likable. 

  1. Be Yourself 

People often try to be someone that they are not just to fit in with the right group. This is too much work (and some would argue that it is pathetic), and it can have adverse effects on your personality. It is also a recipe for disaster, as your friends will stop trusting you if they suspect that you have something to hide. 

There are lots of people who share your interests and preferences, and you will fit in just by being yourself. You will also have an easier time being yourself, and it will help you grow your personality.  

  1. Listen & Talk with Purpose 
4 Tips to Make Yourself More Appealing

Courtesy: Pexels.

People often complain about being ignored or underappreciated because no one listens to them. To this end, many people will open up to you if they know that you are willing to listen – and really listen. You will become their shoulder to lean on – and you will also have a shoulder to lean on. Listening is especially important for personal relationships. 

It is also advisable to talk with purpose, in addition to listening. This means striking a constructive conversation about a topic that interests you and your audience. 

  1. Mind Your Looks 

You shouldn’t judge a person by their looks, but most people still do. To this end, many people will avoid you if you are dressed like a gang member, while many people will trust you if you look friendly. 

Appearance is a complex subject. For example, your clothes’ color can have varying impressions on the people you meet. Additionally, your sense of fashion can be appealing to some segments of the population and unappealing to others. However, don’t read too much into it – dress in something that fits your personality but still looks presentable. 

Final Thoughts 

Being likable is good, and you don’t have to try too much to get people to like you. All it takes is a simple smile and these other tips. The most important tip is to be yourself!

Thank you for reading!

4 Tips to Make Yourself More Appealing

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