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4 Must Do Yoga Poses for Runners

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus

Pound, pound, pounding on the pavement. Pound, pound, pounding on your joints. Work, work, working that sweat. Work, working, working those muscles. (<— Can’t you picture Beyonce singing that. I could totally be a song writer. All rights reserved, btw – don’t go stealin’ my ish, Queen B.)

Running is one of my favorite ways to sweat it out, but it can definitely take a toll on the body. That’s why proper cross training is key. Give those Beyonce muscles and joints a break from pounding the pavement and stretch, lengthen, and tone with these 4 Must Do Yoga Poses for Runners.

4 Must Do Yoga Poses for Runners via Fitful Focus

A version of this post originally appeared on the Armpocket Blog. 

Move #1: Downward Dog

4 Must Do Yoga Poses for Runners via Fitful Focus  - Downward Dog

One of the most classic of yoga poses, this move will help lengthen the quads, calves, and hamstrings as well as opening the arms and upper back, which can get tight from all that arm swinging. Lift your tush up toward the sky and push those heels into the ground, working on getting them completely onto your mat. (Side note: doesn’t that shadow look like a cat cartoon from a Disney movie? Or maybe Pepe Le Pew? My hair makes the head and my left arm makes the tail. Anyone with me?)

Move #2: High Lunge

4 Must Do Yoga Poses for Runners via Fitful Focus  - High Lunge

Runners tend to have super tight hips. Mine are pretty tight here. This pose will open them up while stretching the back of the legs. For a modified version, bring the back leg down to the ground and/or the fingertips to the floor by the front foot. (No interesting shadow here… whomp whomp)

Move #3: Bridge

4 Must Do Yoga Poses for Runners via Fitful Focus  - Bridge

A lot of times, especially toward the end of a run, our posture tends to slack and we hunch forward. This pose helps open up the front of the body and strength the core, counteracting that runner’s hunch. Place your feet hip width apart. Lift your hips toward the sky and keep your body in a straight line, core engaged. To push a bit further, roll your shoulder blades toward each other and clasp your hands together underneath your butt.

Move #4: Cobbler

4 Must Do Yoga Poses for Runners via Fitful Focus  - Cobbler

Not the dessert, silly. Though I could go for some cobbler right about now. Gluten free of course. With blueberries… yummy… Oh sorry – Yoga, we’re talking yoga – This pose will open up your hips, lower back, inner thighs –ommmmg it feels so good. Lie down on your back with the soles of your feet touching and allow your knees to fall toward the floor and into a nice, gentle stretch (don’t force it!). If your hips are super tight, sit on a block or blanket or sit up into a butterfly pose. 

4 Must Do Yoga Poses for Runners – because sometimes you just need to unlace, unwind, and say OM.
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Let’s Chat:
What’s your favorite yoga move?
If you’re a runner, how do you cross train? Or don’t you?

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