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12 Weeks to a Fit Physique Results

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus

I did it, friends!! I completed Jolynn Toma’s 12 Weeks to a Fit Physique program. And I. LOVED. IT! Over the last three months, I worked really hard to stay focused in both the gym and the kitchen, and I can definitely see (and feel) the results. Check it out: 

12 Weeks to a Fit Physique Results via Fitful Focus

Note: I was provided with the 12 Weeks to a Fit Physique plan in exchange for a review in partnership with Fitfluential. 

I saw progress half way though (see those pics here), but now I can see an even bigger difference.

12 Weeks to a Fit Physique Results via Fitful Focus

While this plan was very challenging, I really enjoyed it! I made sure to work foods I liked into my macros so I never felt deprived, and I’ve discovered a new love in lifting! 

12 Weeks to a Fit Physique Results via Fitful Focus

Final Number Check:

Starting Measurements        Current Measurements
Weight: 146.6 lbs                      Weight: 136.6 lbs
Chest: 36 inches                        Chest: 34 inches
Waist: 30.3 inches                     Waist: 27.2 inches
Hips: 34 inches                           Hips: 31 inches
R Thigh: 21 inches                     R Thigh: 20 inches
L Thigh: 20 inches                      L Thigh: 20 inches
R Arm: 11.5 inches                     R Arm: 12 inches
L Arm: 11.8 inches                      L Arm: 12 inches

12 Weeks to a Fit Physique Results via Fitful Focus

Biggest challenges? Drop sets! The last month was all about drop sets (do the highest weight you can do, drop down in weight and go until you can’t go anymore, drop down again until you can’t go anymore, drop down again… and again… you get the picture). Food wise, I started to struggle around weeks 9 and 10. I don’t know why. I really didn’t mind the macro counting once I got the hang of it, but for some reason those 2 weeks I struggled mentally. I powered through and didn’t get off plan, but it was tough. 

Biggest changes? I don’t know where to start! EVERYWHERE! I see changes in my abs, my legs, but the biggest physical difference for me has been my upper body strength, which was pretty much nonexistent before. My shoulders, back, bis and tris are SO much stronger now, and I think being able to complete the Spartan Race is proof of that. More importantly, I am more confident. I feel stronger. I feel better in my clothes (I have to shop for new jeans!), and I just feel pretty awesome. 

Check out what 12 weeks of determination in the gym & the kitchen can do! #12WeekstoaFitPhysique
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So what’s next? I’m going to stick with it! I’ll adjust the workouts slightly so that I can incorporate a little more running and yoga back into my routine (I miss it), but I am DEFINITELY going to keep lifting. It makes me feel like a bad-ass! As for meals, I’ll stick to around the same macro count, but I’ll probably allow myself a little more wiggle room on the weekends (and with wine <— what? who said that?). I will say I am excited to not have to measure out my wine! 

HUGE HUGE thanks to my boyfriend for supporting me throughout this whole process and a MEGA SUPER thanks to Jolynn for putting this plan together and helping me get in the best shape of my life! I HIGHLY recommend you all check out her program. 

Let’s chat:
What workout makes you feel like a badass?
Have you ever stuck to a long-term plan? Did it get you the results you wanted?

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