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10 Minute Total Body Burn Workout

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus

Alright, Winter. We get it. You’re PRing all over the place. Each day is colder than the last. Enough is enough. No one likes a showoff.

While you’re out there busting records and freezing rivers, I’ll be inside staying nice and warm and sweaty with this 10 Minute Total Body Burn Workout

10 Minute Total Body Burn Workout via Fitful Focus

Burn Winter off – that’s what I’m doing. Get it so hot in hurrrr that all that snow and ice melts outside and it’s SPRING! Maybe if we all sweat enough, Winter will get the picture. Who’s with me?!

Bad Weather Meme

Side Rant: You know what else sucks about winter? I have to do all my runs inside at the gym. I don’t mind a treadmill run every now and then, but you know what I do mind? Gym farts! Just because there’s a lot of machine noise happening, doesn’t mean you can let one loose at the gym! Especially when I’m trying to run speed intervals. I can’t hold my breath during speed intervals! If you’re having some gastrointestinal issues, hop off you machine, head to the locker room, and let ‘er rip in the bathroom stall. Especially if you know you’re about to let go of a super stinky linger-er. Also, don’t eat cheese before a workout. I think it was cheese…

Short on time? Get your sweat on w/this no equipment needed 10 Minute Total Body Burn #Workout.
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Let’s Chat:
Are you over winter?
How cold has it gotten in your neck of the woods?
Ever experienced a super stinky linger-er while trying to get your sweat on?

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