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10 CrossFit Terms to Know Before You Go

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus

Whether you’re interested in taking on your first WOD or just want to tune in to the CrossFit Games and be amazed, here are 10 CrossFit terms to know before you go.

10 CrossFit Terms To Know Before You Go | Wild Workout Wednesday | CrossFit Workouts

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Run into an avid CrossFitter, and it may seem like they’re speaking another language. EMOM? Is that like an internet mom…or the name of a Wookie from Star Wars? The truth of it is, CrossFit has it’s own terminology just like any other sport or fitness regime. That said, if you want to feel like a pro at your first CrossFit class, here are 10 CrossFit terms you should know before you go!

10 CrossFit Terms To Know Before You Go | Wild Workout Wednesday | CrossFit Workouts | CrossFit Dictionary

1. AMRAP – As Many Rounds As Possible – You get your workout. You get a time limit. You do the workout as many times as you can in that time limit.

2. Box – This is just what CrossFitters call their gym.

3. EMOM – Every Minute On The Minute – Start the workout cycle at the top of every minute. The faster you finish, the more time you have to rest before the next minute.

4. For Time – Finish the workout as quickly as you can (with good form, of course).

5. Girls – CrossFit has a few benchmark workouts that are, for some reason, given female names. Don’t be fooled, though, these girls will kick your butt!

6. Heroes – CrossFit benchmark workouts named after actual military, law enforcement and firefighters that have died in the line of duty. These tend to be extremely difficult.

7. ME – Maximum Effort – go as hard as you can

8. Rx – The prescribed weight or rep goal. The Rx will vary depending on your box, but the coach should give you an Rx for women and for men (i.e. 65 pounds for women and 95 pounds for men).

9. Scale – If you can’t do the Rx, you can do the workout scaled (aka modified) to your ability. At this stage in my CrossFit career, I almost always scale. One day, that will change…

10. WOD – Workout Of The Day – aka your sweat and muscle making juice.

Want to join the #CrossFit craze? Here are 10 terms to know before you take on your first #WOD.
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