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Your Mission...should You Choose to Accept It!

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
As the title suggests, I am on a mission and I need you guys to help me (pretty please). But, I guess I should tell you the story first :P
So, Saturday lunch time, I'm happily watching Spirited Away, on the telly, tum te tum, tum, tum, with the boyfriend (I love Spirited Away by the way. If you haven't seen it, you really have to!), when all of a sudden the power goes off. Telly, PC, boiler, lighting, EVERYTHING. And to make matters worse, ten minutes later, my phone, also dies.
After seven hours later, the boyfriend and I were making up games, lying on the bed, drinking Fosters with blackcurrant, my candle light, when the lights flicker on (I'd deliberately turned them on, so that we'd know when the power came back to life), and I was able to get on the PC and charge up my phone.
Over the course of the day, my mom had tried to contact me, a fair few times, and assuming it was important, I decided to ring her (good move), and the conversation went sort of like this:
Mum: When is Andrea coming?
Me: 28th May...
Mum: I thought so...
Me: Why...?
Mum: Well, you've got a decision to make...
Me: Um....okay...?
Mum: We've been invited to a wedding...
Me: Whose?
[Very long pause, throughout which, every family member runs through my head]
Mum: Your brother's...
[Very long pause, as I struggle to take this information in]
Me: What? Where?
Mum: Istanbul....
Me: Istanbul...?
Mum: We fly out there on Thursday 26th...
So, as you can imagine, my head went into overload, and I will admit that this all took quite a while to digest. In fact, Sunday morning, I woke up, absolutely convinced that I had made it up. But, when the boyfriend knew what I was talking about, I guessed that it was for real.
I've only been on holiday that involved flying once, and that was to Canada in 2008, this this is a HUGE deal, and I haven't been to a wedding since I was really young, and it's my eldest brothers so like WOW!
Your Mission...should you choose to accept it!So, anyway, I've already picked out a dress, which I actually bought at Christmas, but never had a chance to wear because of the really cold weather, meaning that I didn't go out over the Festive Season. But, now I'm not really sure what to wear with it.
I've already decided that I'm going to wear a black bolero with it, since apparently, the Turks don't like it if you have your upper arms showing (fair enough, I don't particularly want to share them with the world anyway!), but with it being a relatively hot country, I'm not sure what to wear on my legs:
  • Leggings
  • Tights
And even what color. I'm thinking black so that it'll pull the bolero into my outfit (if that makes sense, so maybe tights would be too much? What do you guys think? I'm thinking calf-length black leggings might be a good idea? I definitely have to wear something underneath it, by the way, because the skirt material is so flimsy and transparent, I just couldn't get away without it.
And then, there is my feet. I'm thinking something silver, maybe sandals or pumps, but I'm struggling to find anywhere that was some nice ones that are cheap, but don't have a "thong" between the toes. I'd rather wear pumps, but I'm happy to wear a sandal if it's nice. 
So, opinions/ideas are greatly welcomed, and any advice on where to look for a nice pair of silver shoes would be greatly appreciated. Leave a comment, and let me know your thoughts :)

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