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30 Before 30

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
As many of you might already know, I turn 30 next year *gulp* in the very distant (yet nowhere near distant enough) November of 2013. And I've decided that I want to see out my twenties in style.
The problem with lists like this is judging how realistic to be. I mean, I have some really big dreams, but financially I honestly don't think that I'll be able to save up to do them, before the end of 2013. But then again, January 1st 2008, I never expected to be going to Canada five months later, just like January 1st 2011 I never expected to be going to Turkey five months later. Life is just so unpredictable, and I want my list to be achievable but interesting at the same time :)
1. Lose three stone in weight
2. Go to Dublin
3. Go to Paris
4. Dye my hair purple, one last time
5. Own a product by MAC, just because I feel like I'm missing out by owning nothing of this brand!!
6. Organise a Creative Writing Reunion, I really miss my Uni Creative Writers
7. Go up Snowdon (not necessarily walking ;P)
8. Walk from Tan y Grisau to Tan y Bwlch (I did this walk many years ago, when I was much younger, and I know it'll be tough this time, but I really would like to do it again!)
9. Exercise every day, for at least three months
10. Complete my entire Pilates DVD without feeling tired, in one work out
11. Read 15 books over the course of 12 months (I almost managed this in 2011, but only managed 14!)
12. Finishing writing the first draft of my novel
13. Encourage a minor celebrity to take part in my Positive Beauty Pledge (how awesome would that be??)
14. Learn Japanese
15. Master the application of liquid eyeliner (I swear that there is a secret to, I just haven't mastered it yet!)
16. Paddle in the Sea
17. Go to a Festival (can you believe that I've never been to one?? Well, not a proper one!)
Evidently, this is going to be a work-in-progress, because I can't think of anymore, but what would be on your 30 Before 30 List? Or whatever big age will be your next (hey, no one is here to judge ;))

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