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First Weekly Weigh-in and an OPI Treat

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
Hey hey, lovely positive beauties. How has everyone's first week been? Have you been keeping up? I'm not going to lie. I haven't done all of the daily challenges when I've initially seen them go up (and I genuinely don't know when they are going to go up. I literally put in a random time, press schedule and forget because I do several at a time!), but I have done every single one of them, by the end of that particular day at least. And I feel quite proud of myself.
So, if you too have managed it so far, then accept a positive pat on the good ol' back :) Well done you. I told you that you could do it ;)
It's Thursday (erm, as if you didn't already know, because it's only one more day to the weekend right?), and Thursday means weigh-in day, so I'm gonna take this opportunity to tell you about what I've been up to over the past seven or so days.
What I've been up to...
Being slightly agoraphobic, I'm not going to deny that I don't get out very often, so I've enjoyed the motivation of  my daily workouts. But about a week ago, I also ordered myself a couple of fitness DVDs, for beginners that I've been trying out. One was Pilates, and one was Yoga. Now, I have never ever tried Yoga, so it was an interesting experience, but I'll do proper reviews of those probably some time next week :) I haven't been doing my DVDs every single day, but I've been alternating between the two to shake things up a bit, because I was worried about getting bored if I tried doing the same one every time. I think that I might introduce more DVDs gradually, as I progress to more "intermediate" DVDs.
And, the Weekly Weigh-in?
The weigh-in isn't very exciting this week, because there was absolutely no change at all. I'm not going to deny that I am slightly disappointed, because fitness wise, I have definitely been doing a lot more, and when you're agoraphobic, that's hard to do at times. But, I'm just really glad that I haven't put any weight on.
Positive side of keeping active
I've noticed two big changes already in me:
1. I'm drinking a lot more fluids. This feels like it's come more naturally to me, because I know that I never drink enough water, but I'm definitely getting closer to drinking my however many litres of water a day, so I'm quite chuffed about that.
2. I feel like I have a bit more energy. This was something that I've often heard people say about going to the gym, but I really didn't expect it to occur so quickly. Okay, some days the workouts really wear me out, but most days, I definitely feel more motivated. I'll be interested to see how that effects my productivity over the next few weeks, as I continue on my Challenge.
On a completely different note:
I just wanted to let all OPI lovers out there, that if you head on over to Buyapowa right now, they have a fantastic deal that has just come up on OPI's Nicki Minaj Mini Collection:
First Weekly Weigh-in and an OPI Treat
How amazing do these colours look? I really look the turquoise and silvery-black ones!
Original Price: £12.75
Potential Lowest Price: £8
The Collection includes:
  • Did It On Em - A hot lime green with a cream finish
  • Fly - A neon turquoise polish with a glossy finish
  • Pink Friday - A stunning bubblegum pink with a glossy finish
  • Metallic For Life - An incredible black shade with lots and lots and lots of silver glitter eeeiii!

No matter what the final cost that you pay, you'll also pay £1.50 to cover postage, which isn't too bad, I thought.
As of writing this, the current price was at £11 with 18 co-buyers, and they need 100 to get the price down to £8, but with this beautiful collection, from one of my favorite nail polish brands, I really don't think that it'll struggle to reach 100.
I really love this Collection, and if I hadn't just bought myself a few polishes in the Lena White / OPI Sale, I would most definitely be grabbing this co-buy. but, I decided not to...I know, I know, it was a tough choice for this OPI-a-holic!
How has your positive beauty challenge gone this week? If you've done well, perhaps this OPI Collection would make a lovely reward for your hard work :)

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