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You're The Inspiration

By Knovak81 @knovak81
I tried so hard to find a video for Chicago's 84' hit "You're the Inspiration". Unfortunately for your ears and eyes I was unable to find one that I could add to this special blog post. Hopefully the song is stuck in your head now and it can play on repeat until you finish reading because it really was an important part of this post. FAIL.
Recently I started using Klout. Really just out of curiosity. I'm not sure if any of it matters. Can I add it to my resume? Add it to my email signature? When I meet people can I throw it into my introduction? "Hello! My name is Kit and my Klout score is ______!" What do we think when we see a friend post their score on Facebook? I'm always perplexed wondering what it means, if it changes anything or do I need to congratulate my Klout happy friends on a job well done?
Always the competitor, I was more interested to see if I could beat anyone. Like having the high score in Ms. PacMan. (Which I always did. Duh.) So I signed up and found out my score. Currently it is 45. Huh? I don't know. I guess I'm awesome. Maybe I'm not. I JUST DON'T KNOW!
What I found more interesting was the area at the bottom of my screen that informed me of the people that influence me. It was like Klout knew me. Like it had access to my brain. Pretty scary. All of the people that "influence" me I am hopelessly in love with. These people inspire me and my writing everyday and they are all super special to me. Let talk about them shall we?
In no particular order....
The Pink Sith Blog
Ms. Sith keeps it real. She knows what she is talking about and has no problem debating the pros AND cons of the beauty world. It is refreshing to see a beauty blog that doesn't sugar coat how they feel about a product just because the company sent it to them for review. I have always aimed to follow the same formula in my blog. Why lie and say something is awesome when it's not? It can only steer your readers in the wrong direction, and beauty blogs are here to help, not hurt. Besides her truthful reviews, The Pink Sith offers up hilarious stories, well written fiction pieces, polls and giveaways. I highly suggest you check out The Pink Sith blog, like the page on Facebook and follow her on Twitter. You won't regret it.
Cat Marnell
Sweet Cat is the Beauty and Health Director at Controversy seems to follow her everywhere which makes her so enticing. Her column on is never boring and I am always left wanting more. The articles usually start off innocent enough, then all of the sudden she is so off topic that you have no idea what is going on anymore. Then at the end, she brings you back and ties everything up perfectly with a large sparkly bow. It all ends up being totally on topic and making complete sense. She's funny, knows her beauty and is sometimes self loathing. The self loathing part I can identify with since I am no stranger to it. It helps me feel normal and connected and less crazy. I first fell in love with Cat when she worked with my beloved Jean Godfrey June over at Lucky Magazine as Beauty Editor. Reading her work in Lucky seemed gritty and different than what the others wrote and I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. Always envious of her large, heavily lined doe eyes and her long, always gorgeous blonde hair, she is a beauty. I wouldn't suggest telling her that though. I imagine she would tell you to fuck off. Check out the Cat to my Kit at and follow her on Twitter.
The Gloss
Oh swoon. I don't have enough room to tell you how I feel about The Gloss. My love for them knows no limits and obsessed isn't strong enough a word. Jennifer, Ashley and Jamie (sorry if I missed anyone, I love you all) spin hilarious posts about everything under the sun. I am convinced that they all have magical powers  because it is just impossible for anyone to be that amazing ALL OF THE TIME. Editor in Chief Jennifer runs the pack and entertains me with her insight and thigh slapping posts. Ashley shares my sick obsession for Courtney Stodden and her posts on Stodden make my days brighter. The trio shits on celebrties questionable fashion choices with grace and wit. My favorite times at The Gloss are when "The Editors Discuss" something. Jennifer and Ashley debate everything from The Lion King to Marcel the Shell to "The Freshman" by the Verve Pipe. Fucking awesome. These ladies are smart, witty, adorable and totally worth your time. They inspire me daily and I really think my life would be so sad without them. Cheesy as it sounds. I love you guys! (I'm not drunk I promise. Not yet.) Visit The Gloss, like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. You will be instantly addicted.
Claudia is my fellow beauty blogger at Beauty Collection, the author of her own fabulous blog iliketotalkalot,  and spends her days working in the dental industry. On her blog she talks about her adventures with beauty products and sometimes gives us glimpses into her life with tidbits of her day or things she thinks are interesting. This lady does a TON of giveaways. If you like prizes I advise you to pay attention to her. She is a talented nail artist and makes me wish I wasn't such a dumbass when it comes to painting my nails. When I first started with Beauty Collection she was so helpful and I continue to rely on her for my never ending questions and need for advice. If Claudia loves you she will promote the shit out of you, tweeting and sharing what you do on her Facebook page Claudia's Health and Beauty Community. Chatty and totally gorgeous, she makes me smile and encourages me to keep on trucking. Without her support I would be completely lost and lonely staring at the words on my screen wondering if I suck. Devour Claudia's blog, join her Facebook community and follow her on Twitter.
Rachel Kane of WTForever 21
When I first discovered WTForever 21 I spent a whole night reading the entire blog. It held my attention and made me laugh so hard my husband eventually had to leave the room. Rachel trolls Forever 21 looking for the most ridiculous, most horrifying, most WTF articles of clothing they offer then shares them with her readers. She pokes fun at this retailer's merchandise and really who can blame her? It is truly Forever 21's fault. Her way with words is something serious and is always perfect. Rachel is sharp as a tack, snort soda out of your nose hilarious and has an eye for the truly absurd. She makes me want to be a funnier writer. Try as I might though, I could never measure up to her awesomeness and I'm totally fine with that. Only one person can hold the title of Funniest Person Ever, and she deserves it. Laugh your ass off on WTForever 21 (just make sure you have some time to kill.), like the Facebook page and follow her on Twitter.
So yeah. These are the gals who inspire me the most. I love them all so SO much. Ladies please don't stop delighting me on a daily basis. I would not be the same as a writer or a person and for that I thank you!
Sorry if Chicago is stuck in your head for the rest of the day. It needed to be there.

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