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J.F. Lazartigue: Ultra-Shine Orchid Scented Shampoo

By Knovak81 @knovak81
For my first J.F. Lazartigue review I am going to talk about the Ultra-Shine Orchid Scented Shampoo.

                       *This product was sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.*

J.F. Lazartigue: Ultra-Shine Orchid Scented Shampoo

Image Credit: J.F. Lazartigue

What Is It?  

J.F. Lazartigue Ultra-Shine Orchid Scented Shampoo

How Much Is It?  

$25.00 for 6.80 fl oz

What does it do? 

According to the website, it is a shampoo that is recommended for dull hair that removes all impurities and limescale that dull the hair.

How Does It Work?  

It's active agents and enhancers are associated with a derivative of Castor Oil. They smooth the hair scales and reflect light which accentuates the natural shine of your hair. The shampoo's soft cleansing base is gentle enough to be used daily. The results are hair that is incredibly shiny, soft and silky. Best of all your hair will be delicately scented with the sensual orchid scent.

How Do I Use It?  

Apply a small amount to wet hair. Massage gently then rinse. Repeat with a second application and rinse thoroughly.   

Where Can I Buy It?

J.F. Lazartigue's website!

J.F. Lazartigue: Ultra-Shine Orchid Scented Shampoo

It takes a lot to wow me with a shampoo. In my eyes shampoo is pretty boring, and really does not contribute to how healthy my hair is since it is on my hair for only a minute or so. After using J.F. Lazartigue's Ultra-Shine Orchid Scented Shampoo I have changed my tune. 

Housed inside the gorgeous pink and white bottle you see in the above picture is without a doubt the most luxurious shampoo I have ever used! The bottle is a decent size and considering you only need to use the smallest amount, it should last me for quite some time. I was a little hesitant about doing the whole apply, rinse, and repeat thing. It seems like every shampoo suggests applying twice and it always seemed so pointless and wasteful to me. But in the spirit of the review I decided to use this shampoo as directed and I was pretty amazed with the results. During the first application there were some suds but nothing like the cushiony, bubbly mass that I have experienced with other shampoos. After rinsing, my hair felt clean but I decided to forge on with application number two. The bubbles increased and the lather felt similar to what I have grown used to with other shampoos. After rinsing a second time, my hair felt even more clean. Squeaky clean. My theory is that the first application works out any gunk and oil that is clinging to your hair. Then, since all of the yuck is off of your hair, the second application can really get in there and ensure that your hair is clean.

My results were fantastic! Since my hair is so super fine I didn't use conditioner but my hair felt soft and hydrated. It was fluffy in a really good way, so super shiny, and OH MY....the orchid smell of the shampoo is out of this world! My hair smelled so lovely ALL DAY. I seriously could not stop smelling my hair! 

Now look, I get it. $25 for shampoo is not cheap. I would look at this shampoo as an indulgence. If you have the means to use it daily and make it your go-to shampoo that's awesome. But, if you are like me, buy it and use it to treat yourself. On a bad day you can simply bust it out, hop in the shower and hop out feeling gorgeous and revived. It's GOOD STUFF. I highly recommend it!

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