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You NEVER Regret a Workout

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
You NEVER regret a workoutYou never regret a workout. We all hear that a million times and there is a reason for that, it is true. I can't think of one run that I regretted. Okay, maybe that time I went back and ran a little extra and tweaked my IT band. Or maybe not. I really don't regret going to the gym and running that day. And I did stop before things got too bad. But at 4:00 am it may be really hard to remember all the good reasons I run.
Today was one of those days. You know them. The days when the alarm goes off and you don't want to climb out of the bed and go out into the cold dark world to make your way to the gym. Yes, I know my cold isn't anywhere near the cold others face but trust me, I really do think the 55 degrees this morning was cold. I feel like a wimp now.
I thought of how I could run after work. That is true. I could and I would. I knew I would have the time and desire to run and do some yoga at home and yes, I could sleep in bed one more hour before going into work. The thing is, I really didn't want to do that. Deep down inside I did know that - even though that little voice was trying to convince me to snooze. But I didn't listen to it. I remembered how good I felt the day before at work with the run and yoga in me. I was better prepared to handle the stress at work. At one point I even commented, "Thank goodness I ran and did yoga this morning!" I needed that within me today. I needed that good for my body to start a work day overloaded with things to do. I needed my energy and faith reserves. I got up and headed out the door.
My run wasn't anything spectacular today. Just a nice and easy progressive 3 mile run. I followed it up with just a simple 15 minutes of yoga focused on flexibility. In my run I "worked". Yes, I thought of work, the things I needed to do, the emails I needed to send, the planning I needed to do, and the orders I needed to enter. My head was swirling and the miles flew by. During the yoga my mind was silent. Not one thought drifted to work. I listened to the guidance, I breathed in my nose and out my mouth, I stretched, chilled, and relaxed. I only pondered life outside my body for a moment when I was doing the corpse pose. I wondered if someone would get concerned about a "dead body" laying on the floor in the corner of the gym. I told myself, get over it. And I did.
The funny thing is as I walked out of the gym sipping my VegaSport all-in-one nutritional shake it dawned on me. I didn't hear one single thing when I was doing my 15 minutes of yoga. The gym machines. The music. None of it. I just heard my yoga studio guidance and my breathing. How cool is that?
How did you start your day?
Have you ever done a workout you regretted?
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