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Yoga for Allergies

By Nadine
What has me researching Yoga for allergies? I have seasonal allergies. My reactions are generally very mild (me sniffling a bit), so I don't take anything for them. I do Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) and use a neti pot in the morning and at night and I find that keeps my breathing clear.
On Sunday, my mom and I went for a walk, did a bit of bushwacking and then walked up a steep hill home (think lots of deep breathing). By the time we hit the driveway I could feel the histamine reaction. I spent the next few hours incredibly stuffed up with itchy eyes.
While I didn't think to research Yoga solutions at the time, I decided to look into it so that I have some additional tools ready when it happens again.
In general, standing poses are considered beneficial for the respiratory system. Inversions (head below the heart) can help to drain the nasal passages, but shouldn't be held too long.
In addition to Nadi Shodhana, another breathing technique good for allergies is Kapalabhati (Breath of Fire). I do recommend learning this one from a teacher, as there's a bit of technique to it. This is a forceful breathing practice and should only be done if it doesn't cause additional discomfort. It definitely clears the sinuses, so be sure to have lots of tissues nearby.
I feel a little more prepared for my next allergic reaction.

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