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Yet Another Reason to Avoid Alcohol.

By Kwilliford @ExquisiteEczema
My hair almost always looks dry and crunchy regardless of what I do. I have talked to employees at salons, Ulta and Sephora but nothing they reccommend gives me the result I want.  There are a few stand out products, but the results never last for more than a day.  I have even slept in olive oil, but by the next afternoon, my hair was dry again.  Today I realized the obvious suspect thanks to an employee at my JC Penney salon.  Alcohol.  For some reason, it never occured to me that alcohol could be causing it.  As soon as I got home, I checked my styling products.  Sure enough, my mousse had it as the 8th ingredient and my hairspray had it as the first.  I went a step farther and investigated my shampoos and condtioner.  Almost all of them had three or four kinds of it.  The only one that did not was my Bliss Super Shine Shampoo and Conditioner, which makes sense because my hair looks best when I use them.
Whem you are looking at the ingredients, do not just look for the word alochol, but be on the lookout for anything ending with -nol.
Hair products without alochol are few and far between, but I did get a sample of a hair serum by Its a 10. I just applied so I am still waiting for the results.  Now I need to do an overhaul of my hair products, which will be quite an undertaking.

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