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Winter Blahs Guest Blogging

By Anytimeyoga @anytimeyoga

I am having them — the post-holiday, second semester, too dark too long, isn’t-it-summer-yet blahs.

I’m still writing, and I’ll keep writing. But one of the things that energizes me about writing is to share it with other people. And sure, I share my writing here, and I read what other people write. But sometimes it’s also fun and invigorating to share here what other people write.

So I think more guest bloggery would be awesome, if there are writers who are willing. If you might be interested but haven’t read the Official Fine Print, this is what I’ve got:

Things You Should Know Before Deciding Whether to Guest Author Here:

  1. I cannot afford to compensate guest bloggers financially. Therefore, I hope to tantalize your sensibilities in other ways.
  2. You of course retain the rights to your own writing, to do with as you see fit after it is published here.
  3. Guest posts don’t have to be strictly on topic for Anytime Yoga. (For ideas about what’s on topic, check the tag cloud.) However, they should be in line with the values set forth here. For example, a post about how much you love [physical activity that is not running or yoga] or [issues you have with disability that is not endometriosis or PTSD] should be completely fine. On the other hand, posts about [how X weight loss technique is the coolest thing ever] or [how Y marginalized group is just whining or complaining] are better suited to… well, the majority of the rest of the Internet. But not here.
  4. You’re more than welcome to include a link to your personal and/or community blog — and/or to cross post an appropriate (one you own the rights to and that fits in with Anytime Yoga’s values) piece that has appeared at one of those sources. Writing that has appeared in wider syndication— again, not the best fit for here.
  5. I will do my best to promote the shit out of your post [technical term] according to your wishes [if you prefer I not, that's fine too].

In addition to other thematically-related post ideas you might have — and there are plenty — I’d like to offer some suggestions that might be particularly appropriate for guest bloggers (since they are by definition things I could not write for myself):

  1. Your thoughts, feelings, or reactions on trying a particular yoga asana, practice sequence, or yoga class for the first (or near first or first few) time(s).
  2. How you modify a particular yoga pose to suit you — whether it’s an always modification or a sometimes modification, whether it’s unusual or fairly common.
  3. Your experience cooking and eating a new recipe for the first (or near first or first few) time(s).

Of course, other post ideas related to body image, disability, personal wellness, and social justice are welcome too. I just don’t have specific ideas about those right now. I do, after all, have the winter blahs.


If you’re interested — however determined or noncommittally — feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] to talk more.

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