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Wine Wednesday: Washing Glasses

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

A less than glamourous topic for Wine Wednesday, washing your wine glasses. With the exception of those glasses you get at a winery with a tasting or cheap stemless glasses from Target I hand wash all my wine glasses. We have really hard water (with a water softener too) and unless I hand wash and immediately dry my glasses end up spotty. Even with flour sack type towels, I still ended up with spots and lint all over. Annoying! And when you have nice glasses you want to make sure they stay in good shape.

I have found the solution. Riedel Wine Clothes and the Norwex bottle brush. Easy to get lipstick off glasses and then they dry spot free. I can’t believe I lived all these years without this wine cloth. I will never use anything else to dry my glasses.

Wine Wednesday: Washing Glasses

The Norwex bottle brush was one of those random things I ordered at a party and have loved. It get’s lipstick off glasses! That’s all I ask for. Nothing worse than spotty glasses with a lipstick ring around the rim.

Wine Wednesday: Washing Glasses

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