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Wine Wednesday: Tiziano Prosecco

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

I have a thing for sparkling wine, champagne and prosecco. There is something about that effervescent wine that just makes me happy. It’s great all year, there are so many types and producers and it can be really budget friendly.

Tiziano Wine recently sent me a great bottle of prosecco to try. I was spending the afternoon in the kitchen and had contemplated making a mimosa but realized we had apple cider from the orchard we had visited. Mixing prosecco and apple cider was seriously delicious.


Why I had never thought to use a different juice than orange is beyond me. But I do know the apple cider was fantastic and I would love to try cranberry, mango or even white grape for a unique spin on a mimosa. I enjoyed my afternoon in the kitchen, filling my champagne glasses that don’t get used nearly enough, while singing to the radio. Being in the kitchen is truly my happy place. It’s my time to de-stress and just cook. I’m not worrying about work or anything else. I just turn the radio on, grab a beverage and get cooking.

Another fun thing that Tiziano came out with, a great Girls Guide to Wine. A simple guide to a lot of those questions most people have about wine. I even learned a few things!

Wine Wednesday: Tiziano Prosecco

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