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Wine Wednesday: Grifone Primitivo

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

Sometimes you just need a cheap bottle of wine. I happened to stop at Trader Joe’s to pick up some cheese and popped into the wine shop. I grabbed 2 bottles of cheap red and a bottle of moscato since I knew we were entertaining the next few weeks. That was just a few days before Christmas and all of those bottles are gone.


Scott was working and I was cleaning up around the house, doing laundry, and just wanted a glass of wine. So I grabbed the cheap wine and drank it from an expensive glass

And it was a decent glass of wine. Did it knock my socks off? Of course not but it was a glass of wine and sometimes you just want a glass of wine. It can really be that simple.


The Grifone Primitivo was $4.99. A cheap bottle of wine but had notes of dark berries, had a nice tannin bite to it and heck for $4.99 it works.


Grifone Primitivo (1 of 2)


Grifone Primitivo (2 of 2)

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